Can Someone Get Lil’ Kim The Right Foundation Please?

v4^that’s lil’ kim from the 90s.
it’s like…

i don’t even recognize lil’ kim anymore.
this was taken from her instagram



…and then i thought it was a fluke until this video:


i just don’t
understand it…
someone explain it and then let’s rebuke it.

lowkey: i can’t even take “hardcore” seriously now…

pictures/video taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

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25 thoughts on “Can Someone Get Lil’ Kim The Right Foundation Please?”

  1. I honestly don’t know what to say about her. It’s sad that she let the “media standard” get to her. It’s designed to make anyone who’s not white and blonde and blue-eyed, especially black women feel like their natural born features aren’t beautiful. The media’s spectrum of beauty hasn’t adapted to represent the beauty from all different demographics of people in The United States, but no one should be looking to the media for beauty or representation in the first place. This is found in everyday life if you choose to see it’s beauty.

    Little Kim was sexy before, a beautiful woman, as she was, now…well. I hear that there are people that LIKE to look fake, and plastic. They want that look. That fake plastic doll look. I think Little Kim is one of these people. If that’s how she wants to spend her money, then good for her, if she get’s what she wants, nice, more power to her, but it’s just a tad sad to me.

  2. i just read this:

    “Kim has actually spoke on it. its stemmed from self hate and the black men who have been in her life. she said something along the lines of herself (who she is) not being enough for them, she internalized over the years as many young black women do and thats she started with the surgeries. our skin is too dark, we aren’t light enough. our noses are too wide, our hair is not long enough, straight enough or we don’t have that right curl pattern. its a lot to deal with. Think about the fact that she was in love with Biggie, and he married Faith, while he was still having sex with Kim.

    Are we going to dismiss the constant abuse she had experienced?
    Her father was very strict, an ex military sergeant, who was so distant towards Kim & her brother she didn’t see him as a father, she experience him hitting her, her mother. She once stabbed him with scissors as he repeatedly was hitting her mother.

    Biggie smalls was nothing better, he was very controlling and abusive. Kim loved him to death, she wore those big glasses because he gave her multiple black eyes & at one point choked her then put a gun to her head. He constantly made fun of Kim’s nose , He was so possessive and controlling her forced Kim to get an abortion when she was pregnant with his child.

    Damion ‘world’ hardy was the worst. He was labelled ‘bipolar’ and possessive. Damion cheated on Kim multiple times throughout there relationship with lighter women and ‘exotic’ women. He’s mentally unstable, and is currently serving life in prison due to 6 MURDER charges. Damion was so unstable he had reportedly beaten Kim over a game of checkers. He broke Kim’s nose TWO Times, second time was when she was still healing from the first. internally bruised her face causing mass blood clots, he also caused clots on her back and head.

    People just jump to conclusions, there’s a reasoning for her change, that comes from a deep and dark place.”

    she needs to join the foxhole book club.

    1. Thank you for the insight. I knew there was some history to it, but didn’t know all of that. I’m glad she has spoken on it, gives a lot of context.

    2. Or maybe she needs to stop running to HOODRATS. I’m so over women (particularly BW) in our community who blame aint-shit “men” for their shortcomings or insecurities when all they like to date IS ain’t-shit HOODRATS. Those are the same women who call the good guys “corny” or mock them. Miss me with that shit Kim. Because she is one of those women. Every man that she’s messed around with (that we know of) falls in that category. Don’t get me started on her baby daddy or her murderer ex boyfriend. She likes gangstas. Blame yourself Kim. Too many people have this peculiar infatuation with “bad boys” but can’t handle what else comes with it. Love yourself woman and up your standards if you expect change.

      1. Even tho this is kinda harsh, but I have to agree with you. I know plenty of Black women who ridicule good black men and say they’re not good enough for them because they aren’t seem “manly”, but it’s always surprising to me when BW get mad when they see a “well-respected brotha” marries a white woman when they themselves didn’t like him in the first place because he wasn’t part of a gang…. Lil Kim can’t blame the men because she chose to stay in that lifestyle. To be honest I can’t see black women with good men in their lives unless they are taking advantages of him because so many of them have accepted the role of dating only thugs, prison birds and gangstas. Plus black women are MEAN as fuck so yeah, I can’t see them with a good man.

      2. Lindo all black women are NOT MEAN, and in my family there are plenty good black women who do not take advantage of their good black men. My parents being one example out of many. I agree with everything else you wrote but you can’t put everyone in the same box.

  3. Our look doesn’t define who we are as black ppl. Black women can lol how they choose to. Our strength defines us and she been a beacon of that throughout everything she’s been through.. We know her struggle, it’s in the lyrics.

  4. I understand what lead to the self hate.The abusive relationships with men are the reason she has this poor self esteem but that shouldn’t be an excuse to not get help for these issues.She needs to be in extensive therapy to help her deal with this body dysmorphia or whatever psychological issues she is dealing with.She has a young daughter,a brown skinned daughter.She is her daughter’s role model so she needs to address this issue and to heal from this trauma before it affects her daughter’s self esteem.She is only about two years old but in a few years Kim’s issues or going to affect her.

  5. She’s changing so much, but one thing that’s nice to see is the people around her are still the same.

    I’m waiting for her to drop a documentary, she deserves one. I can’t be mad at her when colorism is still such a powerful thing, and it’s overlooked. It’s sad when even children pick up on it.

  6. It’s sad she had go through that. From what I’ve seen lil Kim seems like a kind hearted person. Never heard any bad stories about her… do you all remember her prison documentary that came on BET?

  7. Lol @ a “documentary”… She will never talk about this.. She always avoids this question/topic. I remember Charlamagne asking her about this in a BFC interview and she deflected/derailed. You could tell she was bothered. She will always keep it under wraps like she does with her beefs with other people. Plus she’s gone too far to the point where her face is beyond repair. She changes her face every season. I just feel bad for her daughter..

    This is partially why I can’t take Lil Kim seriously in general & I mean that with no malicious intent.. As you can tell I’m quite young (judging by my username) so I was first introduced to Kim around the Lighters Up era but I hadn’t known that she was a rapper until her song with Missy & Keyshia came out. So of course I’ve listened to her albums over the past few years but I grew to know Kim when her career was on the demise so I can’t connect with the same Hard Core/Notorious Kim that many older people can because I didn’t experience her in that era. I tried getting into her but even her music today is nothing compared to her old music so I kinda just gave up. I really like Foxy’s music though

    1. I’m hoping she gets offered the right amount of money by a big name. I think she would accept, all eyes would be focused on it, everyone is talking about her already.

      I’ve been wondering if she’s doing this to build up for a documentary/show/interview. I doubt it’ll happen any time soon, the media is still uncomfortable discussing it. I think this world would have less problems if vultures weren’t focused on death 😳

  8. I actually feel sorry for her. Self hate is a terrible thing, we understand where it stemmed from her childhood and relationships with men. Looking, at her Hard Core album cover I think she looked pretty damn sexy. I really hope the dragging from social media is helping her, and really making her see that she needs help fast. I hope she doesn’t put these ideas into her daughter head.

  9. I thought this was Kim Zolciak at a first glance. The thing is, she think she is cute this way. There was nothing wrong with how she looked before. People allow others to ruin their self-esteem. Over the years, men told her she was not beautiful, but that also happens when you choose the wrong men. People in the industry are known to be coons.

  10. This hurts my heart so much because I love Lil Kim so MUCH!! Like she is the ultimate female rapper to me and her albums I adore. I hate how the internet does this to her because I know why she did that to her face. And I feel like no matter what she will never love herself. Regardless she is a beautiful woman and I pray she finds peace and happiness within because she is still hurting. And the public doesn’t make it any better. The abuse she has suffered just continues and it is a vicious cycle.

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