Kellon Deryck: The New Baller Wolf

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.36.20 PMlet’s talk about my big booty cutie,
kellon deryck.
you know i luh-ed-ed him.
i’ve been meaning to this entry for a while now.
so as you know,
kellon is what you would call a business wolf.
he has risen from “hair stylist” to legit “business owner”.
kellon has opened up his own salon adeptly titled,
“the kellon deryck salon”.
take a look at the seed he planted…

and a few videos:


i don’t know you,
but i am very impressed by your success.
you got blac chyna wearing your creations.

very impressive.
that salon looks absolutely amazing!
the decor is fantastic and it just screams “you”.


i know you will continue to do well.
if we ever meet and i’m in atl,
i’d like to get a personal tour.
any vixens in the atl area looking to get their hair “did”,
please head on over to kellon’s salon.

1700 northside drive,
Atlanta Ga,

tell him jamari fox sent ya!
you won’t get a discount,
but at least you’ll look good!


lowkey: why do i have this feeling he is getting a lot of sex off this?

visit kellon’s: instagram | the kellon deryck salon

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Kellon Deryck: The New Baller Wolf

  1. Damn, I’m always happy to see another black man having this much success, gives me hope for people. He seems so happy, he has a glow to him.

    I haven’t heard about his relationship status, is he single? If he is, I get the feeling he’s reaching that point where he’s looking for “the one”.

      1. Its the hair. It looks heavy to me.

        I’m honestly ready for this nappy high top, jheri curl trend to be over.

      2. Me too, but it be saving these dudes so they keep it. If most would get haircut, they would not look as good.

  2. Looks like a nice spot and in a good location congrats to him, I wonder if he will include men services in the future.

    1. HE SHOULD! i Wouldfly to the U.S to get the “Kellon”. OKay maybe I won’t fly there LOL, but I NEED that do! I’m thinking of trying to get mine done this summer at a barber shop here in Toronto. I’m going to show Kellon’s photo because I need some magic on this hurr. My hair type isn’t like his though, so idk how it’s going to turn out…

    1. I believe they are still together.If they are not still a couple they are definitely still friendly.Kellon still has his meals prepared by Lovable Foods,a meal prep company owned by Khaleel’s family.Also Kellon sometimes post pics of Khaleel’s businesses on his IG telling people to check them out.He was building a studio at the same time Kellon was remodeling his new salon.

      1. I hope they are together because it is nice to see black love. But I remember when Kellon announced he was engaged on IG, but his fiancee didn’t (I think) which made me wonder.

      2. Kellon didn’t announce he was engaged.He wished happy birthday to his fiance and that’s how we knew they were engaged.It was a Happy Birthday post,he never said how long they had been engaged.

  3. Yes, Congrats to him! This is awesome! This is the type of guy I’m attracted to and respect, because he’s silently doing things for himself and his business. I love the way he conducts himself. He’s not stuntin, he actually has a job/business, he has a passion/dream, and is working TOWARDS them instead of putting stupid quotes on IG ( he does that too, but he actually LIVES these things). He’s a real baller to me, and would easily get the draws. He seems like he has a personality type that I would mesh well with, and is just overall an attractive person, inside and out. I don’t stalk people on IG and I don’t have an account to like photos and all that, but I check him out from time to time to see how he’s doing. I’m happy for him and I think he’s a good role model for many gay people. I would still like to see more black gay engineers, bankers, and the like because I would like to see more positive and healthy role models for our community. He’s a good example of one!
    Happy for you Kellon! <3

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