rihanna, beyonce, and solange are the holy trinity of 2016?

late ’97 into early ’98.
3 pop divas,
all different,
created musical magic based on their various experiences.

One was dealing with the freedom that came from leaving her ex-husband.
One was dealing with depression from an unfaithful husband.

One was dealing with continuing her relevancy within a changing culture.

butterfly (september ’97).
the velvet rope (october ’97).
ray of light (february ’98).
this is how the holy trinity was formed.

sidebar: i personally listen to the velvet rope first,
and end it with ray of light.

each album was raw,
and honest.
by the end of the albums,
you felt a shift.
it is said these albums are their magnum opus.
many gay males found solace and strength within their lyrics.
each of their albums has helped me overcome in some way.
the ig foxhole has been poppin’ about this since i posted it first there.
i wanted to circle back to 2016 tho…

each came out in 2016.
each was honest,
and transparent.
gay males found solace and strength within their lyrics.
when you listen to them back to back,
each album tells a story that actually goes together.

Anti (January 2016)- a testimony to rebellion

Lemonade (April 2016)- a story of hurt, anger, and forgiveness

A Seat at the Table (September 2016)- the struggle and celebration of blackness

Would you font that these 3 albums are the 2010s holy trinity?

lowkey: i wonder if males have a holy trinity?

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “rihanna, beyonce, and solange are the holy trinity of 2016?”

  1. Shanti/Ashtangi 💚
    Nothing Really Matters💚To Have and Not to Hold were my cuts. My All❤️from Butterfly 💓. I passed on the Velvet Rope. I Still Believe was my Boo, 💓❤️💓. It was a interesting time for music, I agree.
    Jamari, we sensed the Zeitgeist, the essence of musical culture transitioning; not necessarily for the best, because look at the garbage that passes for talent that came thereafter.

    1. ^ nothing really matters and the power of goodbye are standouts on ray of light.
      that whole album got me through a really bad job experience i was having.
      music is a very healing force if you let it in.

  2. That Rope Burn, man. If you have not heard Rope Burn on the Velvet Rope, listen to it. Even Mariah had thugs bumping her album The Emancipation of Mi Mi. I heard so many dudes driving pass with that album like wtf

  3. The Velvet Rope is my #1 of the first trilogy; You/Free Xone/Rope Burn/Got til Its Gone/Anything/My Need are STILL on repeat. Seat at the Table is my favorite from the second trilogy. Madonna has YET to make a track that resonates with anything other than my hedonistic side…

  4. The first trinity is something that I could get with. Butterfly and TVR are my runner up favorites from Mariah and Janet so they are definitely apart of my musical lexicon. I’ve been listening to both of their 25th anniversary deluxe editions and getting my life all over again. Mariah’s magnum opus has no skips to me just perfection… Butterfly (story of my life), The Roof, Outside, Fourth Of July and Honey. She’s one of the greatest songwriters of all time and this album is proof of it… the storytelling is Stevie Wonder level. Janet’s tour de force just oozes with black excellence. Got Till It’s Gone, Can’t Be Stopped, Go Deep, I Get Lonely and Free Xone. The inclusion of queer expression makes this a guide into loving oneself completely. I would love to see a documentary on how it all came together. I got into Ray of Light once I really came to terms with my sexuality. Madonna represents unbridled faggotry and I wasn’t ready to embrace that side of me just yet but I have and I love it lol. Frozen, Nothing Really Matters and the title song just does it for me.

    This new trinity that you are presenting, I’m going to have to pass on. I like Anti but outside of a few tracks I haven’t listened to the whole album in years… the rollout was so messy for it. Lemonade outside of the amazing visual film is overrated af to me. I love Bey and it has quite a few strong songs that I love from Freedom to Formation and Daddy Lessons but I never listen to this album because she has so many other better albums that deserve repeated listens. Solange is the only one that is a modern classic to me and I can listen too at Will at anytime anywhere. Solange put her FOOT in that album!! Her best singing is on that album. She had something to prove and something to say and it was felt!!

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