britney spears wishes she could slap someone to see what it feels like

at a young age,
the foxhole doesn’t realize i’ve had my foot in the entertainment industry.
the late 90s was when i really got into that world.
when britney spears first came on the scene,
i was a stan.
from what i remember…

It felt like Britney took her first left turn when she allegedly cheated on Justin Timberlake and he made an entire song about her being a hoe.

^this really hurt her feelings and i think broke her.
the background vocals of the word “hoe” would break anyone tbh.
she started being rebellious when folks turned on her for him.
just like folks turned on janet for him.
ya’ll remember she got married in vegas for a few hours to some random?
when she met kevin federline,
thats when the sharper left turn happened.
after that blew up in her face,
she went even wilder.
don’t even get me started on paris hilton and lindsay lohan saga.

they were on cnn every single night for something.
nancy grace use to have nightly segments about their antics.
folks was literally predicting she would die.
so when i read something like this


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i’m like what?
was that supposed to make her look like a victim?
when she fonted she was gonna slap her mama and her sister

…it’s okay because people think she can do/say whatever she wants.
her stans are young af or didn’t see “joker britney” arc.

it was literally chaos during the “blackout” album days.
i’m not saying its right or wrong for the conservertorship,
but i do feel like they had to reel her in because she a highkey mess.
i feel like many of the white vixens around that time were out of control.
except for mandy moore?
it was around the time they reeled in paris hilton too.
once she got arrested:

…we never heard a peep from her again.
lindsay is the only one who continued to wyld out even after that.
britney can fool half these folks with her nonsense but…

It’s literally IYKYK.

but on that note…

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3 thoughts on “britney spears wishes she could slap someone to see what it feels like”

  1. I love Britney being her self. She is putting it all out there. Even if some people “Cringe” or question some of her actions . I believe ( like all of us) she must live her life on her terms.

    “The Britney Spears Machine” that we all grew to know is currently Closed.( Smile)

  2. Britney and her family is definitely a hot ass mess who really need a good family counselor BUT can we all agree that the Blackout era was her music era ijs

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