rihanna, beyonce, and solange are the holy trinity of 2016?

late ’97 into early ’98.
3 pop divas,
all different,
created musical magic based on their various experiences.

One was dealing with the freedom that came from leaving her ex-husband.
One was dealing with depression from an unfaithful husband.

One was dealing with continuing her relevancy within a changing culture.

butterfly (september ’97).
the velvet rope (october ’97).
ray of light (february ’98).
this is how the holy trinity was formed.

sidebar: i personally listen to the velvet rope first,
and end it with ray of light.

each album was raw,
and honest.
by the end of the albums,
you felt a shift.
it is said these albums are their magnum opus.
many gay males found solace and strength within their lyrics.
each of their albums has helped me overcome in some way.
the ig foxhole has been poppin’ about this since i posted it first there.
i wanted to circle back to 2016 tho…

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teyana taylor is becoming janet

first of all,
happy 53rd birthday to miss janet.
all for you” was a good era for janet.
that album isn’t as great as my favorites,
but i enjoyed it for what it was.
one thing i remember from her “live from hawaii” dvd is:

the famous lap dance for “would you mind?“.
even at a young age,
i wanted that contraption in my bedroom.
the thought of strapping a wolf up to that thing,
and driving him insane in pleasure,
is still on my “to do list“.
harlem’s finest,
teyana taylor,
is inspired by janet as well.
she re-created a similar lap dance with,
you guessed it,
her husband iman shumpert on tour.
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why did they have anchors on their feet for janet?

i’m confused.
well about 2 things actually:

1why was janet performing on the “tom joyner foundation fantastic voyage” cruise over the weekend?
kinda beneath her.

2 why were people just…
standing around?

i saw these videos on twitter and ig
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janet gets her roses (2019 rock and roll hall of fame)

on lighter and more positive news,
janet was inducted into the “2019 rock and roll hall of fame”.
i found her induction speech and well…

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i’ll definitely be watching janet get inducted into the “rock and roll hall of fame” now

a little positive news because i’m drained af today.
so it’s that time again.
i do a “janet” overdose of one of her albums to get my shit together.
this time it’s her self titled,
i have been listening to it,
on repeat,
on my commute to/from work.
i even be researching the background info about that era.
it’s a whole situation.
janet’s album are like her diaries to the world.
in my rating,
it’s comes after “rhythm nation 8701”,
and “the velvet rope” as my favorite albums from her.
it’s still a really good album.
this performance of “if” at the 1993 vmas
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janet has me filled with emotion today

i need more money.
for the lifestyle i should be living,
corporate america aint cuttin’ it.
i should be able to travel at a moments notice.
begging “mommy” for a day off is not how i want to live.
so one of the foxholers sent me the best news today.
it involves janet and the city of las vegas
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