i’ll definitely be watching janet get inducted into the “rock and roll hall of fame” now

a little positive news because i’m drained af today.
so it’s that time again.
i do a “janet” overdose of one of her albums to get my shit together.
this time it’s her self titled,
i have been listening to it,
on repeat,
on my commute to/from work.
i even be researching the background info about that era.
it’s a whole situation.
janet’s album are like her diaries to the world.
in my rating,
it’s comes after “rhythm nation 8701”,
and “the velvet rope” as my favorite albums from her.
it’s still a really good album.
this performance of “if” at the 1993 vmas

98% don’t perform like this anymore.
well a foxholer sent me some good news today.
as you know,
janet is entering the “rock and roll hall of fame”.
i like who they chose to induct her via “the root”:

In a fabulous display of one generation honoring the former that inspired them and their own work, Janelle Monáe will be presenting Jackson with the coveted honor. Talk about giving flowers to those who came before you and paved the way—Monáe is a perfect choice, as the sex positivity displayed in her latest work Dirty Computer is somewhat reminiscent of Control-era Jackson’s self-actualization.

i can sooooooo dig it.
i gotta ask the foxhole something tho…

Does it seem like Britney Spears followed Janet’s footsteps?

before her breakdown,
britney use to be really precise with her dancing.
she use to say janet inspired her before she started saying madonna.
nothing about britney was like madonna.
i got more “janet” than anything else.

Is that just me?

i think the next album ima do is “all for you”.
that is my teen-hood.
i wore this song out:

you can watch janet get inducted into the “rock and roll hall of fame”,
april 27th at 8 pm on hbo.

article cc: the root

13 thoughts on “i’ll definitely be watching janet get inducted into the “rock and roll hall of fame” now

  1. So happy for Janet as this recognition is long overdue and I LOVE what Janelle is doing musically. Can’t wait for the Vegas residency to begin…I’ve got my tickets already!

  2. Janet is everything. Janelle is the embodiment of “giving life”. It is criminal how underrated and overlooked she is.

  3. Hey J and Hey Foxhole! Ms. Janet’s Induction was waaaay overdue… Thank God it’s finally happening. If there was no Janet, there would be no Britney, Bey, Rih or Teyana and countless other Queens. Muva paved the way for all of her creative children. Hell, if Janet neva released her ULTIMATE and TIMELESS CLASSIC/ERA… The Velvet Rope (which is my fave album of all time) Rih’s ANTI Era wouldn’t have been possible IMO (there are a few subtle and respectful artistic nods). I just wish Teyana would’ve been chosen to present her with the award. I think she is the most inspired by Janet. I appreciate Janelle’s artistry but I don’t get a big Janet vibe from her creatively. But, I’ll definitely be watching as well and hoping my girl Teyana is chosen as one of the tribute performers (even though she did a tribute recently).

  4. Britney Jean could never! Those cheerleader moves never impressed me. I love me some Janelle and she’s the perfect person to induct Janet. A legend in the making and an underrated legend. Janet doesn’t get enough credit for making ALBUMS not just songs that moved you. Jamari you named all of the essential golden era Janet albums so my ranking would go:
    Rhythm Nation the signature
    Velvet Rope the masterpiece
    All For You

    My favorite from Janet is That’s The Way Love Goes because it’s classic feel good R&B. I love Anytime, You Want This, Funky Big Band What I’ll Do and Throb. Janet at her best gave us such rich harmonies, coos, lyrics and production courtesy of Jimmy & Terry. What a force, they were! I hope they pick the right person for the tribute and Janet actually picks one song to perform all out. I wasn’t going to none of her recent tours because they looked boring and lifeless but if she goes all out for Vegas then I’m there. There will be no excuse why she doesn’t make that a true spectacle in Jackson fashion. I want her to dance and not just prance around the stage. Janet this is the comeback you’ve been waiting for so don’t fuck it up.

  5. I agree that Janet deserves this long-overdue honor. She’s had a huge influence on many, many artists and performers (male and female) over the last 25 years – and yes, Brittney is one of them. She’s tried her hardest to be a younger, lighter Janet, but while she has talent, she’s way short IMO. Can’t wait to witness her RROH induction in New York on the 29th!!!

    1. Tee you are so right. Janet influenced a lot of artist and she doesn’t get enough credit. Janet is an icon from her videos, choreography, hairstyles, outfits, and the thing is she doesn’t try hard at all. Everything is natural to her. Britney did do some amazing video and choreography back then, but to me she was never on Janet level, and I don’t think she tried to be either. Janet is still a dynamic performer even at 52. I witnessed her greatness last summer. She still has it.

  6. She deff deserves it! “Again” is my song from that album! It gets me in my feels every time I hear it!

  7. She so deserves this honor!!! I love everything about Janet!! Can’t wait to see her this memorial day weekend/ my birthday weekend in Vegas.

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