odell beckham jr is gone ya’ll! he gone!

i nearly threw up when i got the news.
this is why i love the foxhole.
as soon as breaking news happenings,
i get alerts on damn near everything.
this time it’s about odell beckham jr and well…

A week after Dave Gettleman insisted he did not sign Odell Beckham just to turn around and trade him, the Giants general manager has dealt the franchise’s superstar wideout to a team on the rise.

New York has agreed to trade Beckham to Cleveland in exchange for a first-round pick (No. 17 overall) the second of the Browns’ third-round picks (No. 95) and safety Jabrill Peppers, NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reported Tuesday, via a source informed of the situation.

dave gettleman,

this is some shocking ass news,
but you can’t get comfortable playing football.
one minute you’re on one team,
traded after a season,
and next a free agent wondering how you’ll pay child support.
at least he’ll be playin with his bestie,
jarvis landry.
they went to high school and college at lsu together.
quarterback for the browns,
baker mayfield,
is excited for his arrival as well:

even though i’m angry he won’t be reppin’ new yawn anymore,
this will probably make for an exciting football season ahead.
now if you’ll excuse me:

article cc: nfl

23 thoughts on “odell beckham jr is gone ya’ll! he gone!

  1. Modern day slavery. While it seems they’re living the dream making all of that money, they have to pack up and move to a whole new state like chess pieces.

    We really need an opposing entity to the NFL.

  2. Honestly, he was still cute then…what throws him off now is that Swedish mop on top of his head. I already can’t stand that beard trend. That Devin dude used to have the same Seasme Street hair too but he got it cut and looks so much better. I’d say sexier.

    1. I agree wit your Deven assessment. He went from Jim Henson muppet to medium cute wit merely a haircut. Before I was repulsed and now he legit turned into my type lol. I gotta thing for nice bodies and interesting faces

    2. Jammy, I for one CANNOT WAIT for this beard trend to end!! It looks good on SOME men, especially when it’s clean and shaped up…but that wild looking shyt most guys walk around with irritates the hell outta me. It’s not a look for everyone and people need to understand that. Lol

  3. He was prolly eating a ton of cap space, Dave used to manage my team and he is a wizard wit money so it’s no surprise. Sidenote: beards really do save dudes because he was basic af before it grew out.

  4. Odell was not long for the Giants after he began criticizing them regularly and acting out. He is so talented but he can be inconsistent and childish at times. But then that’s been the Giants’ MO these last few years. I hope he has lots of success in Cleveland but I’ll miss his sexy *** as a member of New York’s Big Blue.

    1. You part of management?! LOL
      They’ve been saying the same thing. His on-field/off-field antics were wearing thin on them.
      Massa don’t like when the slaves start talking out and revolt his word! LOL

  5. I like watching him play…I’m a NFC fan not AFC…But this is a good move for the Browns

  6. Yes he’s here in ohio I can c him play can’t wait till tickets go on sale I think he was a little jealous of saquon getting the spotlight not to mention that lame quarter back giants have.

    1. Shit…THAT’S who they should’ve gotten rid of, that tired ass Eli Manning! It’s time for a new QB.

  7. I thought you were going to say he died!!! Lol Clearly I don’t follow football. Tbh I’ve only heard about him because of this blog. American football isn’t that popular over here in the UK (although it’s on the rise now)

  8. Low key I saw this coming. He was becoming very vocal this past season and I don’t think it sat well with some.

  9. It might just be my imagination but I believe Odell & Jarvis got a little thing going on! I’m here for it tho! Sips ☕️

  10. whats football? nah lmao

    jamari don’t be fucking scaring me like that. thought some shit den’ happened to ole boy!

  11. I dont know nothing about football…I just came to say that first picture of him is one of my favorites, lol 😆

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