teyana taylor is becoming janet

first of all,
happy 53rd birthday to miss janet.
all for you” was a good era for janet.
that album isn’t as great as my favorites,
but i enjoyed it for what it was.
one thing i remember from her “live from hawaii” dvd is:

the famous lap dance for “would you mind?“.
even at a young age,
i wanted that contraption in my bedroom.
the thought of strapping a wolf up to that thing,
and driving him insane in pleasure,
is still on my “to do list“.
harlem’s finest,
teyana taylor,
is inspired by janet as well.
she re-created a similar lap dance with,
you guessed it,
her husband iman shumpert on tour.

when i see paws grippin’ a waist like iman is doing to her…
it turns me on so heavy.even tho i’d sign up for their “onlyfans“…

Is this it?

we get it.
ya’ll fuck good,
and you turn him out something stupid,
but i’m starting to think that’s all there is.

aside from that,
teyana puts on a good show.
i’ve seen some of her stuff and she is always full of energy.
her last album is “eh“.
she isn’t “janet” by any means,
but she does a good copy.

lowkey: i always thought it would be ciara,
until i saw this…

i prefer this:

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Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “teyana taylor is becoming janet”

  1. Teyana had way too much plastic surgery. She looks old af now. She was much cuter back in the day.

  2. I’m glad Ciara has grown out of that Janet phase thing, don’t want her to be her. Neither Tey tey she needs to continue to carve out her own identity there’s only one Janet.

    1. You’re right. They don’t need to be the “next” whomever…they need to be themselves.
      Like when I watch Normani perform, you can see the Beyonce influence. I say stop…do YOU baby girl.

  3. Baby… Janet is the epitome of the IT bitch. I don’t think she gets enough credit for the paving the way for R&B queens to be unapologetically sexy and raunchy. Teyana killed it too.

    Sidenote: I can only imagine the type of sex that Iman and Tey have… I mean, have you seen that dick? O_______O

  4. I saw this clip of Teyana in instagram and my first thought was Janet also. Lol

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