the foxhole brings in nattyranx for dinner and our review

can i just font that the foxhole comes tf through?
so i posted about ^that wolf in the youtube series earlier.
of course,
the foxhole sniffed around and picked up dinner.
thank you all so much.
everyone meet nattyranx aka nathaniel thomas.
he’s a british wolf who likes to act,
work out,
and look like a good damn time


jesus h…
he gives me heavy “the fuck buddy“.
the type that you could probably never take serious,
but whenever you need meat from someone fine af

i totally feel the energy of this vixen:

i felt his chest through her paws.
if anyone has the leads on his other acting roles,
please send my way.

CTRL The Story from Olivia Fraser on Vimeo.

lowkey: he has that “charlie” vibe.
but deadly.

check out more of nattyranx: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “the foxhole brings in nattyranx for dinner and our review”

  1. Well Damn I wasnt ready! Talk about Summer 2019 Body Goals, man making me think my little Gains are something until seen him, gotta admire a Brotha who takes his workout seriously, I have found out it is a lifestyle and the discipline it requires is not for the faint of heart. Good Looking Dude for Sho, but I need him to post his meal plan LoL.

  2. “Natty” my ass. These muscle wolves think they’re fooling us. They think just because they don’t resemble a walking piece of poop they can pass as natty. Not with all those veins and striations. I bet his blood pressure high af.

    I’m just glad this wasn’t another Lamonte thread.

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