you’d be on your worst behavior if your student loans were paid off

that’s what one of my home vixens has to pay in student loans.
that’s what another has to pay.
college is great and all,
but that damn “sallie mae” is the devil’s whore.
a proper education costs a lot of money.
imagine doing all that schooling,
but end up not working in your career field.
i know a few in that predicament.
well black billionaire,
robert f. smith,
gave the students of morehouse another reason to celebrate today…

Smith is the founder, chairman and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, a private equity firm founded in 2000. In 2017, Vista Equity Partners had more than $30 billion in assets under management. In 2018, he was declared the richest African American by Forbes Magazine, surpassing Oprah Winfrey.

Smith, who had already pledged $1.5 million to the school, was not to be outdone by the university that invited him to speak at commencement.

So Smith announced that his family would provide a grant to pay of the student debt of the entire graduating class of 2019.

“This is my class,” Smith said, “and I know my class will pay this forward.”

when i font i’d be serving up some serious foxhole that night.
i got my degree and my debt is paid off?
someone’s son was getting their entire torso swallowed.
all jokes aside,
that’s such an amazing blessing.
i’m happy for all those students.
aye oprah….
since you messed up with that faux “mj” nonsense,
you should be a little generous to the vixens over at spelman.
it would only be fair.

student loans in this country are absolutely ridiculous.
there is no reason you should be paying off school for decades.
i love when folks post that they finally paid off the devil’s whore,
“sallie mae”.
that’s just a big of an accomplishment as the degree.

lowkey: imagine not graduating this year and missing that blessing?
i’d cry in the car.

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Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “you’d be on your worst behavior if your student loans were paid off”

  1. I don’t know about Howard, but many a University are sitting on billions of dollars in endowments. I am sure they have Scholarships, but no young person should have to be in a lifetime of debt for an education, let alone one that will likely not be in the field they studied for.

  2. That was an awesome gesture. I’m sure there’s a tax benefit in there for him, but it was still an awesome gesture. Like Mike said though, there are many schools with scholarships and endowments, with money set aside for those purposes only.

      1. Usually donated by Alumni… it is used for school upgrades…. new programs… buildings… but come.. some of these schools are up to 36 billion dollars in endowments. There is no need for student to go into debt.

  3. FYI…. Morehouse has an endowment of 135 million. So yeah, they ain’t pressed for cash over there lol

  4. Graduated in 2014! can’t find a proper job in my field! owes 15k in student loans only paid $200.00 since ‘14.. When I tell you I was lowkey hating when I saw this earlier today.

  5. I feel some way about this. Privileged folks giving to other privileged folks. That money could have been used to fund kids who actually need education. While, I do think the gesture was cool in it’s own way…I feel like the money could have went to some charities or something else.

    Ain’t nobody tell them to go and aquire all that debt.

    While a degree is necessary for some things such as being a doctor, if you are diligent and smart you can get by without it. Ask dropouts like Steve Job and many others who created their own businesses and to work for them you need a college degree…lol Da hell?

    1. No. Just no. This “all of you can get along without a degree because x billionaire did” line of thinking is tired. Most careers require a degree (or two). It’s not optional. And no, it’s not realistic in the least to suggest that everyone should just go outside and run a successful business.

    2. There’s a reason there’s no Black Bill Gates or Black Steve Jobs. Even with a degree, Black people are passed over for uneducated White people. Starting our own businesses is hard as you need money to start a business and many investors do not believe in us.

      1. Both BlackBastard & Carlton’s comments are so true. In MANY businesses, they are starting to lean towards a MASTER’S degree as a requirement over the Bachelor’s degree. So the degree IS a necessity for white collar jobs. Blue collar jobs, no. At least for some of them.

        Blacks are constantly being passed over for promotions and what not, in favor of whites with less experience and/or knowledge. There are VERY RARELY blacks in high positions of power in businesses across the country, and if they are..they’re answering to a white person.
        Try to start a business, you will be required to show more documents than White/Asian counterparts for startup capital…IF you even get it.

        College is not for everyone. I’ve seen kids that were straight “A” students in high school fall apart in college. Nepotism is how many people get ahead in this country. They don’t have to prove themselves, it’s who they know…or I should say who their parents know. Blue collar (especially) or white collar.

        1. Nepotism is the name of the game! Hetero Blacks are swirling and having kids with non-Blacks because those non-Black families have connections.

      2. Not to mention we get passed over for business loans. A bank will roll out the red carpet for a white person who makes $10/hr , but make us do a Cirque du Soleil routine just to get a simple business loan. IIRC the founder of Ebony/Jet kept getting declined for business loans until he told them he wanted the money to buy an expensive sports car.

  6. I see this differently. It sends the wrong message to young people in my view. Polls already show Generation Y is more accepting to socialist policies than the generations before them. They will expect more free shit and entitlements from government and people with more resources. I paid back thousands of dollars towards my student loans and still owe more! What lasting lesson will a freebie teach these graduates?

  7. I hate hearing people say they can’t do X because of student loans. Navient offers income based repayment plans where someone’s loan payment can be as low as $0! There’s no excuse for anyone with student loans not to live their best lives.

    People need to stop punishing themselves.

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