so we have an update on muhlaysia booker (rip)

so remember trans vixen,
muhlaysia booker,
who was beaten so savagely in the streets?
( x see the entry here )
the story for her didn’t end well.
a foxholer sent me the update via “fox 4“…

The transgender woman who was attacked in Oak Cliff last month was killed in a shooting Saturday morning.

Police have confirmed that Muhlaysia Booker was fatally shot in the 7200 block of Valley Glen Dr.

Responding officers found her body after getting a call about a shooting at about 6:40 a.m., and she was later pronounced dead at the scene due to “homicidal violence.”

No arrests have been made in connection with this fatal shooting.

this is not how the story was supposed to end.
she was supposed to rise from her assault,
the hyenas would end up in jail,
and she would speak out against trans violence as a survivor.
in my head,
i have a feeling they wanted to silence her from talking.
like the mob,
they had to get rid of any loose ends.
sad and disgusting story.
i hope she is able to rest peacefully.

article cc: fox 4

9 thoughts on “so we have an update on muhlaysia booker (rip)

  1. Who did she fucked? this shit goes beyond her being a tranny. She musta fucked some “powerful” dude and he doesnt want somebody to know.

  2. I hate how transwomen aren’t respected. Heterosexuals can be rude and unaccepting of them and gay men are just as bad. Transwomen are our sisters and they deserve respect.

  3. As a transwoman, this not only saddens me, but scares me as well. This is my mother’s biggest nightmare and I pray each and everyday before I leave the house because this world is cruel and hateful place. i really hope they find those responsible in this beautiful woman’s death. Enough is Enough

  4. I cried so hard when I saw the video of her assault. Now this. It’s so sad and it’s hurting like I knew her. RIP beautiful ❤

  5. Can we just speak the truth for a moment?

    The plurality of the hatred is coming from black urban environments. Yet when someone says that outloud the “woke gay black” horsemen come riding in to fiercely shield, deflect, and defend the homophobes from any responsibility. Personally, my spirit is tired…

    – Tired of dealing with a bunch of people who couldn’t care less if I got out of bed in the morning.

    – Tired of dealing with people who only tolerate me but secretly loathe my existence.

    – Tired of dealing with cowardly gay black men who silence their sexuality to appease homophobic friends, family members and coworkers. Not to mention the hotep hypocrites who claim black lives matter……just not your black faggot life.

  6. I been saying for so long that nothing is changing. It’s an illusion that media paints.

    However, this isn’t the time for crying. It’s time for the LGBTQ or whatever other letter I missed to round up & start getting into some ass….and I don’t mean that in a gay way.

    This post needs to be 🌟 and embedded in the minds of posters and lurkers alike. Y’all really out here letting these nigga demons kill you off?

    These same “black lives matter, why the police target our woke heterosexual black men when he innocent” dudes.

    This post needs to have 20+ comments just like the ones with all the gym dick flying across the screen.

    Ain’t no way…I mean no way…we sat up here and got an actual video of this young woman getting jumped and threatened to be killed…I REPEAT….ON VIDEO….and she turns around and gets murdered anyway. I mean is this registering to people? Like these pussy-ass black niggas really out here offing people like this in 2019..

    I’m telling ya. Transgenders need to stay to strapped. If these niggas wanna play Wild Wild West, give them a gun show. Start lighting them up cause clearly you can see crying and pleasing for help from the police and your people ain’t helping. Just saying.

    This could be anyone in the future. Stay alert and ready.

    1. ^Jammy, you’re so right! I always said I wouldn’t carry a weapon but these days you need one!! Especially when you are outnumbered, had Mulhlaysia been strapped it would have been justified. It’s upsetting that most of the hate received comes from our own people!! We’ll never get ahead/rise above, like Crabs in a pot, steady pulling each other down. TS Madison let it be known that she stays strapped.

  7. This is so Fucked Up! I agree with Kelly, this world we live in is so dark and any of us could wind up on the wrong end of something sinister. I see so many young out gay dudes celebrating their sexuality thinking the world has changed when in fact, it is more dangerous because so many people still have so much hate in their hearts toward gay people in fact many of these people are upset that things are so open. It seems to be more to Muhalaysia story that what appears on the surface. I really wonder did she have some kind of intimate relations with some of these goons. Just looking at her pics she was very pretty and me looking not knowing I would have thought she was biological female. Sending condolences to her family, they seemed to support her even her dad when she was first assaulted, I know this must be hard after just dealing with the beating less than a couple of months ago.

  8. I wanna just ugly cry my eyes out right now I was really rooting for her to make it because the way they beat this girl was absolutely horrendous I just don’t understand they already humiliated the girl and now you take her life fuck! The world we live in is such a cruel place what’s really sad is nobody will care because of who she was sometimes I really have to fight the urge to not hate humanity and to those who wanted this to happen I hope you’re happy and I hope you can live with yourself knowing that you’re hatred won for now but I hope bad karma gives you everything you deserve and that justice will prevail.

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