so i watched the “game of thrones” finale and well…

so “game of thrones” watch has ended.
as you know,
the finale was tonight.
my thought…


for the foxhole who watched

What are your thoughts?

i guess i liked the ending with all the stark kids doing their thing.
i know they gonna drag TF out of the writers tho.
ain’t no amount of castor oil gonna help that regrowth.

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8 thoughts on “so i watched the “game of thrones” finale and well…”

  1. I hated every second of it. Dany deserved better. Greyworm deserved better. Drogon deserved better.

    That is all.

  2. In the end, the show was never about the dragon queen. It started with the Starks and ended with the Starks. We have a Stark in the south, a Stark in the North and a Stark beyond the wall, and a Stark on the Seas.

  3. It felt incomplete like i have no many questions and in that i realized the main thing is i was underwhelmed.

  4. At the end of the day, the wheel was broken but ended up being reinforced at the end. Bran will make an awful king. He was like yeah you all talk and do that kingdom stuff, I’m gonna go warg with some snails. Um how are the unsullied gonna have a land and a kingdom when they can’t have kids? At least Grey Worm lived cause I was sure he was gonna die. With that wonky ending I can see HBO going forward in a couple of years with some kind of sequel or reboot based on the surviving characters. HBO you ain’t slick.

      1. Yeah but leaving so many characters alive at this point screams of reboot with Sansa’s kids. A new night king. Etc.. it will be ten years down the road but I see HBO doing it because they have the name and the author will have passed on so…….

  5. I was okay with the ending. It was decent and not as exciting. I’m glad that the Stark children, after all that they went through, survived. I wanted Cersei to die a slow painful death — that rock fall was too good for that wench. But in the end — it’s just a TV show. It’s not perfect. It’s just entertainment. Now I have my Sunday nights free to have sex or something.

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