“surviving day to day” is the new black

“You got to hold on little longer than you think you can, cause there is good shit working its way to you that you don’t even know about.”poussey, season 7, orange is the new black

as much as we can do the right thing,
stay on the straight and narrow,
be good to people,
and cross the street without jay walking,
we might not get our happy endings.
i decided to finish the entire last season of “orange is the new black“.
i started it when it first dropped,
but during that time of my life,
i was really depressed over work wolf and had no urge to do the things i loved.
the finale of that show,
where we saw endings and beginnings with all the characters,
reminded me of something…

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game of beverages

^this is how i knew it was gonna be a shit show on “game of thrones“.
the moment a damn starbucks cup wasn’t cleared out of editing,
that is the moment i knew it wasn’t gonna end well.
everyone was talking about this show today.
on the final episode,
another recyclable made its way into a scene…

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so i watched the “game of thrones” finale and well…

so “game of thrones” watch has ended.
as you know,
the finale was tonight.
my thought…
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So I Just Watched The “Empire Second Season Finale” And…

i just finished watching the empire second season finale and…
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The Lame Finale

042914-shows-the-game-ep-710-17so i missed 2 weeks of the game.
i know.
i know.
“you still watch that?”
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