“surviving day to day” is the new black

“You got to hold on little longer than you think you can, cause there is good shit working its way to you that you don’t even know about.”poussey, season 7, orange is the new black

as much as we can do the right thing,
stay on the straight and narrow,
be good to people,
and cross the street without jay walking,
we might not get our happy endings.
i decided to finish the entire last season of “orange is the new black“.
i started it when it first dropped,
but during that time of my life,
i was really depressed over work wolf and had no urge to do the things i loved.
the finale of that show,
where we saw endings and beginnings with all the characters,
reminded me of something…

Life isn’t fair to some of us.

many of the characters on that show didn’t have great endings to their story lines.
that’s life.
life can be very cruel to many of us.
i thought i would have a job,
and i’d be with that dude i was really interested in recently,
but life has shown me that it has another path for me.
work wolf left; another interest popped up.
that’s just how life tends to work.
it’s true when they say:

Live everyday like your last

you could either be a great character,
one who is unforgettable,
or be one that people soon want to forget.
we are all not going to good all the time.
with some,
we might turn out to be the real villain in their lives.
people we saw being our friends will abandon us.
folks we hated might actually turn out to be there for the long run.

like i said before

Who knew The Rona was gonna come in and fuck our worlds up?

this year was supposed to be a big year for everyone and look at how it turned out.

Is there really a way to turn life in our favor?

…or is it realistic to expect shit might just go left?
if it does end up going left,
we need to be ready to turn with it.
i do believe the law of attraction does play a major part in where we end up.
our thoughts truly are things and there is power in the tongue/fingers,
when my parents died,
it was one roller coaster to the next.
it still has it’s moments,
as i’m in a weird emotional pit these days,
but i can say life taught me how to be adapt to it’s changes.
i don’t know where we are all gonna end up,
but i pray that we all have the endings that help us become better.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on ““surviving day to day” is the new black”

      1. Life is a crap.shoot. it’s depressing, but a little liberating knowing you have very little control over your life. I had lunch with a friend Friday, and she was talking about how she didn’t know if there was future with her boyfriend of 6 months. sundayI get a text from her saying her boyfriend died in a Motorcycle accident. Tomorrow isn’t promise, a good life isn’t promised, happiness isn’t promised. All we can do is try our best, and keep going.

        I hope things get better for you Jamari, but if they don’t, they don’t. We don’t know the end goal of our life, so let’s try to appreciate and even enjoy the journey.

        I hope I am not too much of a downer.

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