why do you care whose private parts i had in my mouth? (do you want yours in my mouth?)

when i wake up in the morning,
the first thing i do is scroll my twitter.
i always tell folks that twitter is the best news source.
^that tweet was the first thing i saw this morning.
it led to these tweets

well happy monday!

It really just boils down to gossip

females gossip.
males gossip.
we all love to gossip about everyone else expect when the topic is ourselves.
we love to know who is fuckin’ who,
how long they was linkin’ up,
and how good it is/was.
it doesn’t really matter the sexuality.
not for nothing,
straight wolves secretly LOVE the gay tea spillage.
my thing is…

If you choose to link up with someone of the same sex,
no one will or should know that.

if i choose to invite a male over to get penetrated,
or i choose to suck the soul out of him,
that is between him and i.
folks are way too worried about what others will think…


and for love of God:


i kinda compare it to a life of a scammer.
no one knows you are a criminal unless you tell people.
you can tell people by your actions alone.
same sex relations are like that.
once you tell someone,
or you start doing that weird body language shit

“I’m not gonna stand next to him because I don’t want people to think I’m gay.”

“If he looks at me,
people will pick up that we are fuckin on the low.”

^that is what gives folks away.

Tip: Treating a dude you like,
or you’re fuckin,
differently than how you treat other dudes is a dead giveaway.
it’s called sexual tension and folks can dead pick that up.

folks need to get a grip and get out of their heads.
no one cares until you give them a reason to.

lowkey: this part tho…

well some dudes act like straight bitches so…

see the entire tweet thread: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “why do you care whose private parts i had in my mouth? (do you want yours in my mouth?)”

  1. Jamari I needed this post in May lol.

    Facts bro!!! 💯
    My summer would have been so much better. 😷

      1. My boyfriend at the time had a “messy friend” who planted the seed of doubt in his head, that I can’t be trusted…which made alot of problems between me and him…it’s long story lol
        His “messy friend” just wanted to fuck with me on the low.
        But like you said: Stay away from messy people.

  2. She’s spot on with that first tweet. That’s why I always said str8 men that like big clits are lowkey bi.

          1. Yeah. “Big clits” is a common fetish. And I find it strange since biologically speaking the clit is analogous to the penis and literally looks just like a small dick.

            definently think there’s a correlation between that fetish and men who are attracted to trans vixens.

          2. Women who take testosterone will find that their clit will grow in size. Not penis size, but enough to be noticable.

  3. I can count my true friends on one hand, other than that it’s usually solo dolo for me! I ain’t trying to make new friends. People just too messy! Especially my own kind.

  4. Males do start out with vulvas while growing inside but eventually penis forms because of the sex chromosome. Technically, the clitoris would be the female version of the penis. And sex is binary since 99.5% of the population is either male or female. These TRA are delusional and living in their own “alternative facts” world.

    1. Well if you say so it must be facts right? Quick question, where are the peer reviewed studies to support your statistics of 99.5? Inquiring minds want to know.

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