rip naya rivera aka santana lopez

i’m so glad that the family was able to get closure.
i was just telling someone that if they didn’t find her body,
lake piru was going to be a huge tourist attraction.

“This is where Glee’s Naya Rivera was never found.”

i don’t have good news to report in regards to her outcome.
naya was found today via “tmz“…

8 thoughts on “rip naya rivera aka santana lopez

  1. If there was a sign up, she probably wouldn’t have risked it. May she rest in peace. Now I have to find that episode of a young her on The Cosby Show. She was one of Rudy friends.

  2. Yes, may she Rest in Peace. I’m glad it didn’t turn into a double tragedy with her son being left alone after she drowned. God was truly watching out.
    I honestly didn’t know who she was until someone mentioned she dated Big Sean. I never watched the show Glee.

  3. I was hoping for a better outcome but as soon as they said they found a body and was holding a press conference, I knew. They wouldnt have announced that had the body they found not been hers.

    What they need to do is close that damn lake. If yall read the wikipedia page on that lake, it has a long history of people drowning that goes back many of years. Its full of random currents and winds and a lot of ppl are over confident in their swimming skills. They go in thinking they’ll make it back and possibly in a normal calm lake they would but as soon as they jump in, the current starts pulling them or the winds start pushing them further away from their boats and its too late.

    I think she honestly jumped in for a quick swim thinking she would make it back. She probably thought to herself “I dont need this life jacket, Im good, itll be real quick” and then the rest is history…smh.

    RIP Naya 🙏🏾

  4. May she Rest In Peace. I feel for her family. Now watch these conspiracy theorists make dumb stories without even having respect for her memory.

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