russell westbrook, and his amazing biceps, make a statement (one we won’t like)

oh hi biceps.
you know i love biceps.
it’s gonna be so weird to see the nba baller wolves playing without an audience.
as you know,
they are headed to disney world to finish the season for the “nba restart“.
that’s another thing.
they are playing in florida where the spikes are high af.
well mr. biceps aka russell westbrook,Β 
who plays for the houston rockets,
had an announcement on his social media…

Russell done caught The Rona


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not russell Lawd,
not russell.
is it just me or…

Is The Rona spreading quicker these days?

it feels like this mutation is stronger than what debuted in march.
so many folks are getting it at record speeds.
if i played in the nba,
there would be so much hesitation to play at the end of this month.
i guess money needs to be made.
i hope that mr biceps has a speedy recovery.

10 thoughts on “russell westbrook, and his amazing biceps, make a statement (one we won’t like)

  1. Actually Dwight Howard has the best arms and shoulders. I believe I watched one of those athlete docu sports break down and they talked about how out of all the players Dwight has the best physique overall for the sport itself.

    Like scientifically Dwight is supposedly a perfect athlete specimen.

  2. His androgyny is so sexy to me. He and Cam Newton are what OBJ wishes he was in terms of being comfortable in one’s skin.

  3. Giannis Antetokunmpo got nice arms, so does Andre Iguodola. But let’s hope Westbrook recover quickly.

  4. Chile, l am such a bicep chaser! Whew, and he has a lovely set on him! I hope he gets back to wellness soon. πŸ‘‘πŸ₯°πŸ€€βœ¨βœ¨

    1. ^i want him to wrap that arm around me,
      while i wear a mask,
      and rub his bicep.
      russell is everything.

  5. “i guess money needs to be made” For sure. Westbrook is the third highest paid player in the league this year. Missing out on the rest of the season could cost him about $13 million.

    1. ^that is insane.

      the nba is like the current government then?
      things need to be on regardless of whats happening in the country.

      1. It really is. His salary this year is $38.5 M for the regular season, not counting playoff games. If COVID is considered being injured or sick, he might get that check tho.

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