hakeem lyon aka bryshere gray is drip droppin’ the career down the toilet

when “empire” first started…

first off,
the turn of terror that “empire” even took is baffling…

… but you couldn’t tell the vixens that hakeem lyon wasn’t sexy.
he was even a snack in bet’s “new edition story“.
i thought bryshere gray was headed to a successful acting career,
but he has been getting into a lot of random dumb shit.
he was arrested for alleged domestic violence issues

An actor most known for his role in the television show “Empire” is accused of assaulting his wife in Goodyear.

Around 10:15 p.m. Sunday, Goodyear police responded to the Circle K near PebbleCreek Parkway and McDowell Road to help a woman.

Police said the woman had flagged down another person for help moments earlier at another nearby gas station stating that she had been assaulted at her Goodyear home for the last several hours by her husband.

The citizen then drove the victim to the Circle K and called 911. The victim told police her husband is Bryshere Gray, an actor on the TV series “Empire.”

Police said the victim had numerous visible injuries on her body and also stated that she was strangled at one point by the defendant and temporarily lost consciousness. She was then taken to a nearby hospital.

Goodyear police responded to the couple’s residence near Estrella Parkway and Westar Drive in an effort to contact Bryshere Gray, but he would not come out of the home, police said.

Due to a barricade situation and the felony domestic violence charges at hand, Goodyear SWAT and Crisis Negotiations were called in to assist. The situation finally ended after 7 a.m. Monday, when police said Bryshere Gray approached officers at the front of his residence and surrendered without incident.

He was taken into custody and booked into a Maricopa County jail on charges of aggravated assault, assault and disorderly conduct.

check the mugshot:

he looks like he has aged about 10 years.
is this hair for a movie?
please come get your child.

i hope the “empire” cast isn’t be cursed.
i have high hopes for taraji and trai.
i’d like to see more andre lyon aka trai byers in movies.

he is a very strong actor.
get it together.

lowkey: i hate when folks talk about they dreamed of being in the spotlight,
but start fuckin’ up as soon as they get the opportunity.
did they struggle to be stupid?


article cc: your valley

12 thoughts on “hakeem lyon aka bryshere gray is drip droppin’ the career down the toilet

    1. Despite the red eyes, he looks much better in the mugshot to ME, as well. Not that I’m co-signing the fuckery that led to it.


  1. Oh my! He looks unwell. I hope he gets the help he needs. Between this and the Naya Rivera(R.I.P) story I’m realizing the entertainment industry ain’t all its cracked up to be. When that beast is done with you it’s really done with you.

  2. When did he get married, I thought he was single cause that’s what he was telling people. I guess a lot happens when your show gets cancelled. He definitely looks high off of something and it ain’t weed alone.

  3. This is really disappointing to see…“assaulting his wife”. You can tell by his mugshot times are hard. After six seasons of getting a steady paycheck and now nothing…it’s a different lifestyle.
    Stress and no money can age you a lot.
    I hope this can be a wake up call for him.

  4. He’s married!?!?!? You could tell something was up with him in the last season of empire. Looked like he was actually high while shooting lol. No wonder they wrote his character to be absent throughout. I hope he gets some help.

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