“arrested for concealed weapon in the car” by tory lanez featuring…

this ain’t my song tho….
first of all,
why ain’t no tell me tory lanez was bajan?
that news shocked tf outta me.
so i casually listened to a tory records until that last ep he came out with.
“chixtape 5”.
i wore that record out when it first dropped.
well tory is no stranger to fuck shit.
he was just arrested on weapon’s charges,
but he had a special guest feature in the car via “tmz“…

10 thoughts on ““arrested for concealed weapon in the car” by tory lanez featuring…

  1. He’s a cornball. Whack. Wangsta. Wannabe gangsta. Offie. Simp. ON TOP of the fact he’s 4 foot nothin with the body of a preteen. Sticker sprayed with gumball machine tatts. Always whining and complainin about fake beef, hoppin on twitter and IG with his remedial comments and dull wit. Megan was starting to feel herself a bit too much, but she def lost a bunch of cool points for even botherin with shrimp boy.

  2. She just released a statement that she was intentionally shot not injured by broken glass.The Shade Room said one of her producers threatened Tory on Twitter then deleted the threat.

  3. I will always stan for Meg. Not only did she coin Hot Girl Summer she always hitting the books too! Smart Girl Spring is always in season.

  4. Slow your roll Megan! Everyone wants to be your friend now that you’re on top, when the shit hits the fan they’ll be nowhere in sight!

  5. I say wrong place at the wrong time for Megan. Tory is Tory lol. If you ever watched his IG live it’s always lit 🔥 loud, liquor, weed and a whole lotta women 😉
    I guess we have a record coming soon with Megan and Tory…that should be fire 🔥

  6. Now Jamari… I love you to Death,,,,,BUT ,,,,,Baby read the Lyrics to Megs songs!!!! Based on her lyrical content she aint’t no choir girl.

    I always viewed her as being the extremely “RACHETT” N Hood!!!!! ( Smile)..

    Its like Whitney and Bobby. Everyone thought that Whitney Houston was “Slumming” …Memba?????

    1. ^i love meg,
      but she gotta watch the company she keeps.
      you can rap all day about that hood shit,
      but you can’t be jeopardizing your career in the same token.

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