brian laundrie is finally found

most social media couples always start off like ^this.
cute pictures that are all smiles to convince us they’re #couplegoals.
it makes many of us seethe with jealousy or lust.
lust is dependent on if you’re in your homewrecker bag.
if i came across gabby petito and brian laundrie’s pictures online,
especially with the whole proposal and going to travel cross country,
i would have gotten wrapped up in the hashtags.
like many of these forward-presenting couples on social media,
all wasn’t what it seemed.
there were all kinds of abuse going on that ended with the murder of gabby petito.
they finally found closure to the insane manhunt for brain laundrie via ny post

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rip naya rivera aka santana lopez

i’m so glad that the family was able to get closure.
i was just telling someone that if they didn’t find her body,
lake piru was going to be a huge tourist attraction.

“This is where Glee’s Naya Rivera was never found.”

i don’t have good news to report in regards to her outcome.
naya was found today via “tmz“…

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When They Found The Killer of Rashawn Brazzell

rashawn brazzell.
one of the most gruesome murders in new yawk.
he was beheaded and dismembered.
well there was no lead into who killed him.
they have found an alleged suspect via ny daily news
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Surprise! Your Son Was A Homo! Who Wants Pie?

scary_monster1yesterday was a day of surprises.
one of the reasons i didn’t post anything.
let’s get into it…

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His Butt Cheeks Look Better On The Right Side Than Left

tumblr_mnvn4i3fcy1rrdksmo1_500so i keep getting emails about this guy.
yes i wanted to know who he was myself.
well i stumbled across him on accident.
he is cute and fun sized.
i don’t think he is a wolf…

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10 Years Found Later

Amanda-Berry-Gina-DeJesus-found-in-Cleveland-after-missing-10-yearsthis goes to show:
never lose hope.
amanda berry and gina dejesus have been missing for 10 years.
no one knew where they went.
you know they were in some crazy muthafucka’s basement?!?!!?…

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