When They Found The Killer of Rashawn Brazzell

rashawn brazzell.
one of the most gruesome murders in new yawk.
he was beheaded and dismembered.
well there was no lead into who killed him.
they have found an alleged suspect via ny daily news

Cops have nabbed a suspect in one of the city’s most notorious cold-case crimes — the gruesome slaying of a 19-year-old Brooklyn man found beheaded and dismembered in a subway tunnel, sources said Wednesday.

The suspect, who is expected to appear in Brooklyn Criminal Court Wednesday morning, will be charged with murdering Rashawn Brazell, sources said.

The accused killer is already in custody for another murder, sources said.

Brazell vanished on the morning of Valentine’s Day 2005 after leaving his family’s Bushwick home.

Three days later, a bloody plastic bag containing his legs, an arm and part of his torso was found between the Franklin and Nostrand Avenue stations on the A line.

A second grisly discovery was made six days later.

Workers at a Greenpoint recycling plant that handles garbage collected along the A line stumbled upon a bag filled with Brazell’s waist and pelvis.

His head was never found.

The case stumped investigators for 12 years despite a $22,000 reward, three segments on “America’s Most Wanted” and an aggressive campaign soliciting information from the public.

Brazell’s mother, Desire, told the Daily News in December she still hadn’t given up hope that her son’s killer would be caught.

“I know someone out there knows something and they’re not talking,” Desire Brazell said.

“It amazes me you can walk around every day knowing you know what you know and you’re not saying anything.”

i remember that story all too well.
it scared tf out of me.
i’m so glad they found the asshole who did this.
i would like to know why he did it?
what was the motive?
the fuck did he do with his head?
it seemed very personal.
even though it won’t bring rashawn back,
it will bring his mother peace that justice has finally been served.
may rashawn rip.

things have changed so drastically since 2005.
we are so advanced now with technology and gps locating.
you can literally send a pin to where you are.
not only that,
there is a feature on your phone that tells your last location.
your watch can track your every move.
even though i hate it,
we can go ig and facebook live in a matter of seconds.
i had to wonder…

Would this case been solved quicker in this decade?

as always,
be safe out there foxhole.

article taken: new york daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “When They Found The Killer of Rashawn Brazzell”

  1. I remember this story too! I used to use the Nostrand Av station all the time. I believe the cuts were done surgically and I beleive the killer didn’t leave the head because of dental records and back then it would’ve been easier to identify Rashawn. Him and his mom were best friends and he met a guy that he didn’t tell his mom about. I’m so glad to see they have a suspect.

  2. I just watched the defendant in this case act up in court today on the news. He’s a career criminal pretty much. It’s terrible man. Nostrand Ave. train station is terrible also. I’ve seen numerous things at that train station even after gentrification. I remember heading home from hanging out in Brooklyn one night and some weirdo asking me if I ever hung out in the village. NO MOTHERFUCKERS‼ Crazy man.

    1. ^oh hell naw!

      like i was asking the f-bi who sent me in the story,
      how do we even know he is the killer?
      what clues to they have?
      the nypd will mind fuck a fake confession out of someone.

      1. Yes. NYPD is terrible. The defendant is a convicted criminal but you know, innocent until proven guilty. We need to see the evidence. The victim deserves justice.

  3. It’s not even the fact that whether or not it could’ve been solved in this decade, J. The question should be were they really trying to solve the case, because as much as I hate to say it, were this young man of another persuasion of color…this would’ve been on the news MUCH more than it was, and they would’ve had dogs, helicopters, big ass search parties, etc.
    But alas…minorities don’t matter. IJS

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