Siri: “Find My Friends”

the pretty vixen put me on to this app last weekend.
i thought i’d share with the foxhole after that last entry.
it’s called “find my friends” on your ihpone.
same name on android.
they both pretty much work the same

the app allows you to see where all your friends are via gps.
it’s great for if you have to meet a friend in the city,
they will know where to meet you.
you can also tell when your late friend left the crib.
everyone is so “private” these days,
but will geo tag their location on snapchat/ig.
the reason i’m highlighting it today is because it can be an excellent safety tool.
many of us are still hooking up with strangers offline.
your best friend/friends/close family member should always know where you are.
let’s be real,
“the killer” could be anybody these days.
now you do have the option of turning it off if you’re on a legit creep mode,
but if you have nothing to hide,
what would be the point of doing that?
it’s worth a test trial to see if you like it.
it goes by “friend request” so no randoms can just add you.
you know i’m all about keeping the foxhole safe with anything i discover.
feel free to share your tips and life hacks as well.

lowkey: if you are a liar,
then this app may not be for you.

download app for android: google play

*it comes standard on your iphone

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Siri: “Find My Friends””

  1. Mmm I don’t know about this. After work and school, sometimes I just need my alone time. If you have use an app to track me down, we not really that close.

  2. Your phone, at least iphones, always track you even without that app. After a while it learns where you live, where you work, etc. It’s creepy man. If something happens to you they can find you. Depending on who “They” are.

    1. ^but that is a good thing tho!
      if something every happens to you,
      “They” can ping your phone and find out.
      we need to all realize the government knows what we are doing with our phones.
      when someone gets killed,
      they ping every cellphone in the area to find out who was closest to the crime scene.
      it’s actually find fascinating.

      im a nerd when it comes to this stuff.
      my apologies.

      1. LOL. I think about stuff like that too, J. My family thinks I’m crazy.
        I always tell someone if I’m meeting up with a person, so at least someone knows.
        Better safe than sorry. I’m always aware of my surroundings, even when I have on my headphones.

    1. ^the pretty vixen sent me a message saying:

      “you’re home”

      ill be sliding that to “not share location” when im in the crib.
      when im going out,
      ill turn it on.

  3. It’s a good thing… except if the killer is your friend or manage to hack the app lol jk. But really it’s a good thing all my circle got it. And like it said you can turn it off when you really wanna go ghost. I got that really bad habit to travel by night alone, so this is something that really makes me feel some type of safe

    1. ^yupppppp!

      you can always turn it off if you feel you don’t want to be bothered.
      with trump in office,
      and all these crazy ass jackals out there,
      it’s better to keep in on when you leave the crib.
      you never know.

      i also agree that i feel safe with it on as well.

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