The New Way To Suck His D…?

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parental advisory is advised.

everyone likes to suck on a pipe once in a while.
sometimes it’s more enjoyable than sex.
driving a wolf crazy with just your mouth
you literally have the wolf by the balls and pretty much in control.
well the following video has me confused.

…didn’t he just not go into the stall?
or is this another version of a “glory hole”?
it seems extra.
that looks like a sore neck waiting to happen.
either he is new or this is some new found freakiness i’m not up on.
i’ll stick to sitting between his legs

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “The New Way To Suck His D…?”

      1. It’s not just you man. That’s why I haven’t have sex in years. It just sucks that there is so much preventative information out there yet people are still so reckless.

  1. I know guys used to do this back in the day in designated bathrooms in spots where gays are known to cruise. Your sex role or what you’re into is designated by how many times you tap your foot. Some men stay in these bathrooms all damn day waiting for a sex partner to sit in the stall next to them. I guess some guys are still practicing this *shrugs*

  2. Yeah, this is quite common at my old community college and always wondered why there were holes on the partition walls near the paper towels. I’ve checked those holes but they were too small for me to see, why bother. What use to be done are those Craiglist listings where the someone would post a time and place for the stall action.

  3. This is old practices. Getting some DL action wasnt as easy as opening an app. You had to head to a bookstore, park, or tap that foot in the bathroom. It was a different hustle to get dick back then although there is a resurgence in risky behavior because of app fatigue and PrEP

  4. Tapping your foot?…lol, wthunh?…I guess I missed those days by the time I joined the ‘club’…but um, I’m not certain I even understand wha’s goin’ on in this vid other than some funknastyratchetness…I can’t!

  5. OK fellows this is extreme and not my cup of tea at all though I can’t lie if this is the only way I could serve Trey Songz Odell Beckham Le’bron just to name a few oh and bolo then sign me up

  6. That’s crazy!!!! That’s so degrading on so many levels dick is too plentiful to stoop to something like that now if being in the closet drives you to something like this shit it’s time to re-evaluate your life seriously it’s really time to say fuck other people and their perception of you and just live comfortably damn it lol!

  7. some people regardless of orientation get excited from public sex they have countless videos of people fucking in bathrooms, movie theaters, buses, outside, parks etc. Not my cup of tea but ill let them be great. Not everyone who engages in this is dl many just like the anonymity of it all… smh this is scary to me though

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