her likes are about to be effected since she became a killer off social media

we get so caught up in the bodies,
and likes that we often don’t realize:

Social media ain’t real

i mean,
we don’t go on there to post our depressions or failures,
but we do make sure we look like we are enjoying life even if it’s all a lie.
meet karina vanessa corbalan in the dog filter above.
she posted these pics on twitter with her boyfriend,
alejandro sanchez,
in 2018:

you’d think they were a sexy couple and living the good life,
well life comes at you fast…

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The Mental Games of Rashawn Brazzell’s Alleged Killer

so as you know,
they found the alleged killer of rashawn brazzell.
we spoke about this ( x a week or two ago ).
his name is kwauhuru govan and he looks like so:

he allegedly is the heavy suspect of killing rashawn

he claims rashawn being gay was an “abomination” to his religion.
this is after he blew kisses to rashawn’s mother in court.
the f-bi keeping me up to date with this story sent me the follow up…
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When They Found The Killer of Rashawn Brazzell

rashawn brazzell.
one of the most gruesome murders in new yawk.
he was beheaded and dismembered.
well there was no lead into who killed him.
they have found an alleged suspect via ny daily news
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Who Killed Karina Vetrano?

ever since i read about the murder of ^this vixen,
i have had my nose in it.
say goodbye to karina vetrano.
she was the jogger who was mysteriously killed at howard beach in queens,
new yawk.
she went out for regular evening jog,
after her father told her not to,
and she never came home.
he got worried because she never came home 2 hours later.
that’s when he called the cops.
the father took them to find her.
she was found raped,
and strangled when they found her in a muddy marsh.
they recently found her alleged killer and well…
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Everyone Hate The Killer (A Registered Democrat)

tumblr_o2qv80NT1w1txfen3o1_500 the killer of the pulse shootings has been sniffed out.
too bad his ass was killed before he could face his judgment.
everyone hate omar mateen.
he is a florida native who was born in 1986 and…
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Tyrann Mathieu Ain’t Afraid of No Death Threats (Maybe?)

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 8.01.14 PMballer wolf cornerback,
tyrann mathieu,
was never one to hold his tongue.
he had a lot to say about the tragic death of fellow baller wolf,
will smith.
well his words have gotten him in trouble.
so he was featured on “the rich eisen show” and this is what he said…
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