Everyone Hate The Killer (A Registered Democrat)

tumblr_o2qv80NT1w1txfen3o1_500 the killer of the pulse shootings has been sniffed out.
too bad his ass was killed before he could face his judgment.
everyone hate omar mateen.
he is a florida native who was born in 1986 and…

…wtf does him being a registered democrat have to do with anything?

tumblr_mdlewvfc651qbh0eio4_250how about he was a fuckin’ psycho?
lets try that on for size.

what if he was a saved member of a church?
or he did charity work last year?
or he rescued a cat from a tree and got a medal of honor?

the moment he put on that suicide vest,
and shot up an entire club,
his character became the main focal point of this story.
he is a terrorist and needed to be destroyed for the greater good.
lets talk about how he has all that artillery for destruction.
or how some jackal can
get an assault rifle/weaponry so easily.

lowkey: i hate the stupid.

45 thoughts on “Everyone Hate The Killer (A Registered Democrat)

  1. Personally I was planning on voting Trump before this, just not feeling the Dems & he’s right about the Muslims. That being said him being a Democrat is not relevant. Some of these right wing sites are just dumb.

  2. Of course he would kill himself just like all the cowardly terrorists! Burn bitch!!

  3. @jay true… Since when did non-law abiding people care about obeying laws? control will only remove them from the hands of law-abiding people, making them helpless, while those who have no regard for gun control laws will still acquire them, via the black market. And just like drugs, as was the case with prohibition, a lot of dirty deeds and violence will ensue (mob, drug cartels, gangs, etc…)

  4. And another man just got stopped at LA Gay Pride with assault weapons and explosives. Smh! People need serious help.

  5. A man with multiple weapons was arrested on his way to LA Pride in West Hollywood per @TMZ.

    Everybody be careful and pay attention to your surroundings.

    The Orlando shooter pledged alliance to ISIS,he was on the radar of the FBI but there are hateful people who are not on the radar.There may be copycat killers.Protect yourself as much as you can.

  6. jay is right.
    if they ban guns,
    like drugs,
    those who want it will get it.
    new york laws tell you no guns,
    but somehow,
    the ragga has a collection of them.

    1. There really needs to be a regulation on who does and who doesn’t qualify for a gun. Ppl need to be evaluated and deem stable enough to not harm the innocent. However still, guns have there way of getting in the wrong hands many times from careless negligence, robbery, and inexperienced individuals that we see everyday on the news as an example.

    1. I know the damage an assault rifle can do. I damn near carried one for 8 years while in the Army.

      1. Not really sure, J. Some killers will shoot more rounds in you to make sure that you are dead. Those are the “experienced” ones, for lack of a better term. The inexperienced won’t ensure that you’re dead. They’ll shoot randomly, trying to maximize the damage, and then try to escape.
        If it were me, and there were dead bodies around me, I’d try to put someone that’s dead on top of me, and then try to play it off like I’m dead. It might work. It might not. Depends on the killer.

  7. Here’s the thing. No gay club I’ve ever visited has “gay club” on the building. I had to search and sniff out the gay clubs via sights . He clearly did hid research and either knew and visited this club for his own enjoyment or plotted this out soecifically. There is clearly more that will come out. I’ll wait til his Grindr or jackd profile comes out

    1. This is all the about the same study.

      “Finally, it is important to point out that implicit measures are not a perfect window into an individual’s psyche or “true” sexual orientation.”

      That stuck out the most. I’m not sure word association is a good, reliable measure to base “hidden” someone’s sexual orientation on, especially when you’re just timing the reaction.

      Nothing linking closeted homophobia to violence?

      I was a psych major that participated in plenty of studies so I’d be interested in reading more studies about this as well.

      1. Those studies were conducted here and in the UK. You should know from research that no study is perfect, but it gives you a general idea. Not a psych major but learned that in my research projects and from my professors while studying for my sociology degree.

        But as I said before, not ALL but MOST, generally have tendencies when they lash out. Some just don’t got to this extreme.

        But we can agree to disagree on this one. ;o)

  8. How did Prohibition work out?

    People already carry guns without a license now, you’re just going to turn it into big business and trappers and criminals will be the only ones with guns and the law abiding citizens will be sitting ducks.

    The police don’t usually show up until after the crime has been committed and most are severely understaffed.

    Drugs are illegal but they’re still coming into the country every single day. They’ll just do the same with guns.

    1. It’s not the guns…it’s the people getting their hands on them. The mentally unstable ones.

      1. So how do you all propose the government decided who’s “mentally stable” enough to have a gun? Moreover do you trust the government to decide that? Plenty of people don’t qualify for food stamps but they’re still getting $600 worth a month.

        Then there’s plenty of people who are walking around crazy and no one knows and they haven’t been diagnosed with anything.

        The solution to take guns away from all citizens is even more dangerous.

        Nope. Me and my fam will keep our guns and so will most people in the south.

      2. The government didn’t decide anything. The sellers made that decision. This man was being investigated by the FBI, at least that’s what they’re saying, so shouldn’t there have been a “flag” or something associated with him, thereby preventing him from getting a gun legally? We don’t know whether or not it was obtained legally…yet, but if it was you can believe somebody’s gonna be in trouble. A scapegoat is coming.

        Who do you know that gets $600 dollars worth of food stamps a month?! They surely don’t live in NY!

        There are MANY people walking around that exhibit questionable mental faculties. I see them on a daily basis. Then you have those who may not exhibit them, but their family members and friends may have reported them, yet no one does anything for them until it is too late…and they’ve either harmed someone or themselves. The issue of mental illness is not dealt with because it is seen as a weakness in some communities (black/latino), and in others it is looked upon as non-existent (white), when it is in fact an issue. The officials won’t address the matter until it affects them directly or the outcry from a crime involving a mentally insane person is too loud to ignore.

        No one is saying to take guns away from all citizens. Programs to ensure that people who shouldn’t have them need to be implemented. Programs that won’t let people get through the cracks in the system. That’s all that’s being said.

      3. @ JAY It’s honestly too late to really do anything about it now, as soon as every tom, dick, and harry was allowed to get a gun as easily as you all do, you all were doomed. Again, Americans are more likely to die by firearm SIGNIFICANTLY than in any other country in the world, and coincidentally, gun culture is distinctly American, you just reinforced that yourself. the cultural climate regarding guns is what’s killing you guys, BEFORE the guns. I honestly don’t have a solution, because it’s too late, laws won’t help you guys. The change starts in the mind, and I see that it will never end, which will continue to give rise to these heinous mass shootings. I don’t know anybody that carries a handgun let alone owns one (people do, own guns, but not as many), and if I did, it wouldn’t make me feel any safer, in fact, I’m convinced I’d be in even more danger. Every other country seems to be doing fine without a need to arm every citizen so what makes you guys so different? It starts with the mentality. Until that changes, get used to these stories. The argument that “they’ll just get it illegally” doesn’t answer the question as to why homicide by firearm is significantly higher in your country. It happens everywhere, but WAY higher over there. You all can keep your guns, I’ll stay my ass over here.

        @ Christian, I agree.

  9. When people use situations like this for political clout I get real suspicious, now I’m wondering how he got those guns. I don’t know if I’m more pissed or sad.

    I don’t think gun laws will fix anything. Most of the time they’re carrying the guns illegally anyways. Honestly I think media needs more restrictions, these killers use mass shooting to send a message and to get infamous.

  10. This is why I won’t hear any arguments for “gun deregulation” anymore. NOPE! Enough proof in the pudding.
    Again, I’m a bit speechless at this. The United States needs to get it together with those laws, like YESTERDAY. This happens way more in the United States than any other first world country in the world, and the common denominator is always guns. That video was downright frightening, even hearing those gunshots sent chills down my spine. No ordinary citizen should ever have access to a gun. the crazies will always find other ways of killing people, but it really shouldn’t be made so easy, and accessible.
    Just frightening. This is going to be politicized heavily, I def agree, there is already a global form of Islamophobia growing, and this situation is just going to justify their beliefs, whether he was actually Muslim or not.
    What a nightmare.

    1. I disagree. The problem was he and the officer were the only one with guns. They were sitting ducks in that club.

      I’m so glad I live in an open carry state. Even my grandmother carries a gun.

      1. and I strongly disagree with you. It’s too easy to get guns there, and I don’t believe the answer is for every citizen to be armed. Maybe there needed to be tighter armed security, if anything, but no.

        You’re NOT going to convince me otherwise, so don’t bother. It’s evident that there is a problem in your country with firearms, the statistics are frightening in that regard.

        The problem is BECAUSE it’s so easy to get firearms, there’s a greater NEED to get them to “protect” yourselves, and ultimately, that’s how problems are dealt with, perhaps, if they were a lot harder to obtain, maybe there wouldn’t be a need. You can say “that’s fantasy”, but there’s no need to get gun here, so I’m “living in a fantasy”. You guys have a “kill or be killed” culture.
        NOT convinced.

      2. I disagree Jay. No one is saying EVERY person that attacks another gay person is gay themselves. A lot of them do have underlying tendencies that they are afraid to face.
        This young man could very well have been suppressing his feelings to the point that it boiled over into hatred. When actions are taken to this extreme, there are usually underlying issues.

        As far as living in an open-carry state. A nut job OPENLY carrying a weapon is just as dangerous as someone carrying a concealed one. With their mindset being, today’s the day I’m going to walk into the nearest shopping center or movie theater with my gun and take as many people out as I can. Whether it’s an open carry state or a non-open carry state…the wrong people are getting their hands on these weapons and doing heinous things.

        The media is looking for every way possible to tie this to terrorism. I don’t believe it’s a terrorist attack, although I just heard that someone “heard” him pledge allegiance to ISIS and that he was being investigated by authorities, although they wouldn’t say why.
        I think he was a disturbed individual. Time will tell if it was just hatred/anger or if there was another reason he targeted that gay club.

  11. What’s with the idea he must’ve been somehow closeted and gay? Seems like he just hated gays to me.

    Everyone who hates gays strongly is not gay themselves. It’s a myth.

      1. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard honestly. Someone does something as heinous as this and your assumption is he must be gay too? You don’t have to be gay yourself to be bothered or hate gays.

        I still believe in the right to bear arms. We just have to be more selective in who we let have one. I can guarantee you someone would be much more hesitant to shoot up a club if they know at least 10
        other people might have a gun too.

    1. Well, u may think it’s a dumb assumption, but there have been plenty of cases in the past where this assumption was further subtantiated…

      1. What cases?

        I welcome any studies or statistics that support the idea that closeted gays are more prone to these behaviors.

    2. Perhaps my use of “prolly” biases my theory, and I could’ve had better word choice., but no one here sayin, ‘ahah he gay’…but to not take this into consideration would be, imo, dumb…..the ‘gay bug’, if u will, doesn’t selectively target n bite those who’s religions practices vehemently denounces everything homo even to the point of violence/death…we all know there’s fair # of some gay/bi mofos right now blindly fightin for ISIS and the like, but scared shitless and all fucked up cause they’re brainwaahed to hate themselves (see below), so of course they’re gonna lash out on some people like the victims in FL who can seemingly and blatantly revel in their “sin” without the moral repercussions they’d experience if they dared attempted to do the same. ..and get caught…

      Bottom line is doesn’t matter the nuances re: motivation….we can all agree this is some seriously evil, evil shit that will only get worse. ..




    3. Wait a minute now. I would not call it a myth, but is more of a defense mechanism by those who are suppressing their own feelings by broadcasting their fake hatred to shift attention off of them. There is no one that TRULY hates gays that is gay. Pretending you hate them and actually hating them are two different things. A man who teases and mocks gay people is not homophobic if he participates in the lifestyle or has gays thoughts. He is simply a man who is ashamed of what he likes sexuality and is fighting a battle within himself.

    1. That’s just BS to try to get a Republican back in the White House. They forget whose inability to act and do their jobs, that allows a person like this to obtain a weapon that should be used for military forces ONLY, and use it to kill people going about their everyday lives and who were out for an evening of fun.

  12. I just went on Twitter and saw conservatives eating this up that he was a Democrat. Im like WTF, these people are just as sick in the head and twisted as this shooter. Of course if the shooter would have been white, he would not be painted as a terrorist but a troubled young man, only People of Color get labeled a terrorist in these United States with our Whitewashed Media. I am sure Donald Chump is calling for all Middle Eastern’s to be deported at this very moment since he believes they are all terrorist anyway. Sadly many white christian conservatives are already saying this is Gods way of punishing the Gays. This is a sick twisted world we live in. This man was probably so torn and conflicted because he could not be the man he wanted to be and love who he wanted to love. I already know that he was a closeted self hating punk, who has this much hate in their heart for another human being unless they are mentally ill, which he was.

    1. I agree, Tajan. I just saw on CBS where they said his dad said he had anti-gay sentiments, which leads me to believe as well that he was more than likely struggling with his sexual identity and took it to this extreme.

      1. There are people out here who really hate gays man. Hatred does not equal to suppressed feelings.

  13. 50 dead and 53 injured So this is the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.On NBC a reporter says he spoke to the shooters dad and he mentioned his son saw two men kissing recently and it angered him.He DK if that was the reason for the shooting.

  14. …and on another note: Although senseless acts like this make it increasingly hard to do, I’m still refusing to live my life in fear n trepidation; not with the God I serve…

  15. You know they’re going to make it as a terrorist attack based on his Afghan background. Never mind that he was probably mentally disturbed, and like JB said…probably conflicted and angry, and decided to act on that.
    The minute there’s a shooting, except in the hood, it’s a terrorist attack. These media outlets need to INVESTIGATE before coming to that conclusion.

  16. This bastard was prolly conflicted with his own sexually and warped religious beliefs…and yes, this shit will undoubtedly be politicized to the fullest…….and, disturbingly the casualty # has climbed from 20 to 50+ (and may climb during processing, and victims still clinging to life) according to a press conference I’m watchin now on CNN…Lord!

    1. ^im so disturbed that im literally numb.
      how does this even happen?
      why is it even happening?
      they have shot up:

      a church
      a school with young cubs
      a movie theater
      high schools


      1. Bruh, nothing and no one is sacred any more…and when you pair mental illness and religious zealotry together, that shit csn manifest into some evil shit that you and I will never be able to comprehend…all u can do is stay vigilant as much as possible n pray….or go crazy and get stressed out b/c u don’t recognize the world anymore, idk

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