The Pastor Jackal Who Hated Gays… But Loved Underaged Males

i love when hyenas and jackals get caught up in stupidity.
it makes for an exciting day.
this is why it’s best not to argue with idiots who judge you.
their day of judgement is coming.
the skeletons that tend to be revealed…
so remember the “pulse” orlando club shooting?
well everyone who was anti-gay had something to say about it.
pastors included.
well one jackal in pastorial fur who had a big mouth has been exposed.
a couple f-bis sent in why via raw story
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Daddy Please Claim My Body

d124089a75dba8a694ad5de2b17eb75ethis is a really heartbreaking story.
i had to post it because it shows another side of this life.
so all of the orlando victims from the pulse massacre have been buried.
well one father refused to claim his cub after learning he was gay.
this is the story via the advocate
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The Gay Lover Has Arrived (and He Came With a Kettle)

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.22.29 PM

well in a bigger twist,
than the other twists in this story,
it seems omar mateen’s alleged gay lover has come forth.
let’s take a look at what he looks like
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So The Killer Jackal Really Liked The Male Species Too?

screen-shot-2016-06-12-at-9-36-59-amthat looks like a nice profile picture for grindr.

nice smile
light skinneded

all he needed was leaked nudes and we have a win!
on a serious note,
this story about omar mateen is getting weird.
it seems the killer jackal allegedly was kinda in the life.
he may have been one of us.
or fox?

well this is what gawker had to say…
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No Place Is Safe Anymore (Survive)


a day after the tragic shootings in orlando and i was a paranoid summabitch.
when i got to work this morning,
i thought about if some gun toting psycho was to bust through the door.

what would i do?
where would i go?
how would i handle it?

in my mind,
i would be an “x-man” and fly out the window.
or i would be the second best thing next to jason statham.
all those outcomes don’t equal what would happen in reality.
the place where shit really happens.
you know what kills me?…
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Everyone Hate The Killer (A Registered Democrat)

tumblr_o2qv80NT1w1txfen3o1_500 the killer of the pulse shootings has been sniffed out.
too bad his ass was killed before he could face his judgment.
everyone hate omar mateen.
he is a florida native who was born in 1986 and…
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