The Gay Lover Has Arrived (and He Came With a Kettle)

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well in a bigger twist,
than the other twists in this story,
it seems omar mateen’s alleged gay lover has come forth.
let’s take a look at what he looks like

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.22.15 PMwhen i first saw that picture,
i legit said:


…until i read it was a mask.
it looked like a burn victim.
well this is what the ny daily news had to say:

The gunman who slaughtered 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando was a confused, gay man who drank heavily, a man who claims he was his lover for two months told Univision.

Omar Mateen, the deranged Muslim shooter behind the massacre, held a grudge against Latino men he met at the popular gay club because he felt used by them, the man told the network. “I’ve cried like you have no idea. But the thing that makes me want to tell the truth is that he didn’t do it for terrorism,” the man told Univision Noticias anchor Maria Elena Salinas in an exclusive interview on Tuesday. “In my opinion he did it for revenge.”

Mateen even had a tryst with two men, one of whom later revealed he was HIV positive, the man said.

Univision was unable to independently verify the man’s account, but the FBI confirmed to the network that it had met with him.

The man, who did not want his true identity revealed, said he met Mateen last year through a gay dating site and began a relationship soon after.

He described Mateen as “a very sweet guy” who never showed a violent side. He loved to be cuddled. He was looking for love,” he said.



^that’s all i can say/do at the moment.
you think you going one way with this story and then boom!
you dead ass in a cave.

lowkey: of all the news outlets,
he goes to univision?

article taken: ny daily news

20 thoughts on “The Gay Lover Has Arrived (and He Came With a Kettle)

  1. I do not give a single damn what kind of life he had growing up, it does not give him the justification to kill nearly 50 people and injure just as many. If he had deep rooted issues, he needed to seek help. We always complain when the media makes excuses for white people who commit mass shootings, but look at what people are doing right now. Homophobia, religious beliefs, and fear are not reasons to go in a club and kill people.

    1. The guy that killed the kids in Newtown was “mentally ill”. Omar Mateen was a terrorist right out the gate.
      WE know the deal….the media chooses the terminology and direction these events take.
      Remember when Hurricane Katrina occurred…blacks were called “refugees”. The whites were “displaced”. The minorities will always come out on the fucked up end of the stick when it comes to media coverage. They will find the most ignorant, toothless, and tore up person to be the “voice” of a neighborhood when they interview people…when you could have a well dressed, educated individual standing right next to the reporter.

      They make excuses for their own…while everyone else is labeled animals/savages, etc.

      1. Come on Christian, you better speak Bro, you aint told nothing but the “Sho-Nuff” truth. Whites in the media will always humanize their own when reporting on some horrific tragedy and make any person of color out to be the worst person who ever walked the earth.

        Another point, I find interesting is that this dude was basically on the DL and no one is painting Arab/Middle Eastern dudes as being DL, as they will all Black men when he may be caught creeping, other races get a pass, as if only Black men are creeping. Anybody in this life no that is one of the biggest lies ever told, I have been hit on by just as many dudes of other races more so than my own brothers.

        This whole thing is turning into a Lifetime or OWN 3 part mini-series, I am sure by 2017, the movie will be made.

  2. Okay so what’s the point? He still killed 49 people, wait, 49 innocent people. I dont give a rat’s butt how he grew up or how much he was teased, that gives him no right to kill innocent people.

    This story isn’t sad, Its a WAKE UP call.

    All this case does for me is clarify that, being gay doesn’t stop you from being homicidal, homophobia is still very rampant in the heterosexual community this day and age, and people give ZERO fuks about others banding together for love.

    Looking at the big picture, when you have some folks saying the gays deserved it or the killer was doing community service. That alone should let you know that their could possibly be another like him at any moment. Most, not all, of them aren’t for the community and will delight in your departure.

    Yes, its 2016 and we still have a bunch of bible God fearing “saints” that want you dead for not liking what they like and apparently want you dead if you support homosexuality but are not a homosexual yourself too…Go figure.😒

    Also, did you catch a glimpse of the protestors against the homosexual way of living? There was a 7 year old girl out there with a sign expressing hate for homosexuals. When asked what did the sign mean, she replied she didn’t know.

    You see how dire this is? This means another generation of homophobes are in the making. Never ending curse.

    These maniacs have attacked schools, churches and clubs…Nothing and no one is off limits any more.

    I wonder what will be next? Random pedestrians in the park, patients in the hospital? A nursery?

    It is sad, however, that when you look at all this that people are doing and and watch a wild animal ramapage on Discovery Channel, you can’t tell the difference.

    There is nothing that distinguishes mankind from mindless beast.

  3. The FBI has yet to confirm any of this bullshtt being reported. They looked at his internet service providers, his phone logs and other leads that have produced nothing similar to what this attention starved queens in the media have said on record. Yet we have news sites and bloggers giving this irresponsible shtt legs. I don’t recall ANY news site looking into Dylan Roof (the racist who murdered 9 people in a Church) in order to determined if he was a heterosexual. Why is it so damn important now? Will making him “gay” help straight people to give a damn about this terrorist attack? No it won’t! They have already moved on in case you haven’t noticed.

    1. Well TMZ claims there is security video of Omar meeting this guy at the Ambassador Hotel last December.So they will probably bribe someone to get the video footage of him going to guy’s hotel room.

      As for Dylan Roof he committed a hate crime against Black people and there were hundreds of articles written about his racist views.They showed pics of him with racists propaganda,flags,etc.

      The Orlando Shooter shot over a 100 people at a gay club two hours from his home on Latino night.He told several survivors that he had no issue with Blacks yet he didn’t say I have no issues with Latinos.Why does it bother you that people would be curious about his motive and why he chose that club? We are talking about his sexual orientation just like we are talking about his religion because they may be a factor in why he committed this hate crime.

  4. So it’s not the heteros fault now or any other person who hasn’t change their profile pic or waved a rainbow flag? Oh ok.

    I knew this story was going to take hundreds of turns before the truth is flushed out.

    I believe his wife did know he missed with men though. These subservient wives will look the other way.

  5. Who cares tbh? Either way slice it, he killed 49 victims.

    I’m sick of the media making these psychopaths into rock stars with all this excessive coverage.

  6. Man this is sad altogether in both parties and why everyone had to be a victim in this heinous crime. A father hatred to his son that he could not be gay. It all boiled down to his mental confusion and we can relate to some DL individuals. This interview was very interesting and confirmed every thing that yes he was gay and also exhibited secret rendezvous at a hotel. On the side note, this guy referred to the app Jack’d “D”, had me lol and the Hollywood makeup.

  7. He speaks fluent Spanish and broken English so that’s probably why he chose Univision.He also did the interview in Spanish.Since he didn’t give his name and is in disguise I don’t see how he is trying get 15 minutes of fame.People interested in being famous generally want to be recognized.

    I guess we will have to wait and see what the FBI says since Univision claims the FBI confirmed they have met with him.

    I read today the shooter purchased three airplane tickets for him,his wife and son to visit her mother in July so I wonder if he thought he could commit this massacre and get away?😟

    1. Watch and see Colette…that disguise is going to disappear soon. He didn’t have to come forth and say i’m the lover at all. Maybe he did it to show people that Mateen was with another man…but who’s to say this man really had a relationship with Mateen?

      1. We will see.TMZ claims this guy was staying at the Ambassador Hotel in December and the FBI has the security video of the shooter going there to meet him late at night.They also claim an hotel employee remembers seeing him.I wondered why they would still have security video from December.TMZ live says the hotel uses an outside seurity firm that saves video for two years.
        BTW he never said he had a relationship with the shooter,from what he said they were basically f#ck buddies.

  8. It all makes sense to me.. Latin night, feeling used by PRican men who were willing to have sex with him but reject him as a friend..makes sense.he chose that club as there is a personal vendetta, not a terrorist agends. He lived elsewhere so for him to shoot up this club indicate a tie, relationship with it.
    He may have been so I ally inept and as such unable to onnect with the men he liked, they only wanted to sex him and apparently he had a threescore and one of the guys had HIV and didn’t tell him. Sounds like the story is credible as he met with the FBI 3 times so there’s something there.

  9. He’s not looking for fifteen minutes of fame because he’s remaining anonymous behind a mask…if he was a media whore he would be out with no mask telling the story getting publicity…

    1. Yeah, he is. He didn’t even need to come forward. It’s only a matter of time before that “mask” comes off and the real person is revealed. What’s to even say he was really dating the dude?
      If I was dating someone and they ended up doing something like this…the only person(s) who would know are the police. Fuck the media, ’cause they don’t give two shits. It’s all about advancing the story with as little tidbits information as possible and speculating about everything else.

  10. It’s starting to become more sad to me with how it had to end. I can never understand why people choose that route, he sat and plotted this.

    He was troubled child and seemed to have a hard life. People are saying he was always alone, was teased at school, and constantly being called a terrorist. He started having outbursts in school, that should have been when he got help. The father is harsh and homophobic, he gives me a nasty vibe all around.

    1. It always starts like this too! Being nice to people actually has an affect on people. Sometimes having that one person that makes you feel “normal” “loved” or “like you belong” can make the difference of being an “Orlando mass murderer” and a “troubled past”.

      A little compassion for people goes a long way!

    1. I was wondering how long before a “lover” appeared on the scene for their 15 minutes of fame.

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