The Gay Lover Has Arrived (and He Came With a Kettle)

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.22.29 PM

well in a bigger twist,
than the other twists in this story,
it seems omar mateen’s alleged gay lover has come forth.
let’s take a look at what he looks like
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There May Have Been Two of “Omar Mateen”

Two-Jackalswell if the “omar mateen” story didn’t get more bizarre,
it just got downright scary with the alleged news of an additional accomplice.
it seems like the killing jackal in the orlando shooting story had help.
this is the story via raw story
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So The Killer Jackal Really Liked The Male Species Too?

screen-shot-2016-06-12-at-9-36-59-amthat looks like a nice profile picture for grindr.

nice smile
light skinneded

all he needed was leaked nudes and we have a win!
on a serious note,
this story about omar mateen is getting weird.
it seems the killer jackal allegedly was kinda in the life.
he may have been one of us.
or fox?

well this is what gawker had to say…
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Everyone Hate The Killer (A Registered Democrat)

tumblr_o2qv80NT1w1txfen3o1_500 the killer of the pulse shootings has been sniffed out.
too bad his ass was killed before he could face his judgment.
everyone hate omar mateen.
he is a florida native who was born in 1986 and…
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