There May Have Been Two of “Omar Mateen”

Two-Jackalswell if the “omar mateen” story didn’t get more bizarre,
it just got downright scary with the alleged news of an additional accomplice.
it seems like the killing jackal in the orlando shooting story had help.
this is the story via raw story

Police are planning to arrest an alleged accomplice who helped gunman Omar Mateen carry out a mass shooting that killed at least 50 people and injured dozens more at an Orlando LGBT nightclub.

A top law enforcement source told WFTV-TV that the suspected accomplice would be arrested by Wednesday, but authorities did not release any additional details.

 The suspected accomplice is either in Florida or has ties to the state, the TV station reported.

2424636_odo folks realize the damage of an ar-15?

imagine ^that in a small club?
this is one of the victim’s snapchat minutes before the shots rang out.
she is the vixen with the glasses:

the ones who escaped are extremely lucky.
i read this story about the ex wife via nbc news:

The Orlando gunman’s wife has told federal agents she tried to talk her husband out of carrying out the attack, NBC News has learned.

Omar Mateen’s wife, Noor Zahi Salman, told the FBI she was with him when he bought ammunition and a holster, several officials familiar with the case said. She told the FBI that she once drove him to the gay nightclub, Pulse, because he wanted to scope it out.

Authorities are considering filing criminal charges against Noor for failing to tell them what she knew before the brutal attack, law enforcement officials say, but no decision has been made.

She is cooperating with investigators, several officials say.


they need to run,
not walk,
but run and arrest that she-hyena.
how she gonna do all this and not call the police?
ain’t that much “fear” in the world…

with all these alleged reports,
especially about him being allegedly on the low:

Mateen worked as a security guard for G4S and had hoped to become a law enforcement officer, and former classmates at a police academy said he was socially awkward and apparently gay himself.

“We went to a few gay bars with him, and I was not out at the time, so I declined his offer,”said one former classmate at Indian River Community College.

The classmate said Mateen was not out, either, and other students felt sorry for him.

“He just wanted to fit in and no one liked him,” the classmate said. “He was always socially awkward.”

His father, Seddique Mir Mateen, has apologized for his son’s actions but said “God will punish those involved in homosexuality,” saying that was not a matter for humans to undertake.

The elder vehemently denied his son was gay.

“If he was gay, why would he do something like this?” Seddique Mateen asked.


i wish that asshole didn’t die in that standoff.
no one knows,
or will know,
what is fact and fiction.
so i had to ask the foxhole…

What do you believe?

articles taken: raw story | nbc news

11 thoughts on “There May Have Been Two of “Omar Mateen”

  1. We know nothing all we know is what ”the system” has told us. Maybe Omar Mateen didn’t even pull the trigger. I haven’t seen one shred of evidence that proves he did all I’ve seen is hearsay, innuendo, and propaganda.

    1. @Yungjudah…why don’t you ask one of the people who survived him shooting them.

  2. Whoa!! There are so many elements to this! I can’t believe I forgot about battered woman syndrome too! Damn. It really is as the saying goes: Hurt people HURT people!

    Should they arrest her? Or is this a matter of her needing treatment too? At first I was on the arrest side, but idk if arresting her would really do anything. She was a victim too…right? I’m not sure what I feel about this. I need more info on her.

  3. America is such a strange and peculiar place. A lot of things are not making sense and everyone is thinking emotionally instead of logically and rationally. Where is the 911 audiofile of Mateen pledging allegience to ISIS? Where are the cameras from the club that Saturday night? There are reports of people saying that the doors were being held closed while people were trying to get out. People were saying that there HAD to had a second or even third killer based on the amount of people with bullet wounds and the amount of bullets that a AR-15 clip holds. We are not asking the right questions as citizens. This was not a hate crime but I just feel that we are being swept away in out emotions and shutting off rational thought and during times like this, thats more dangerous than anything.

    1. Wow, I just read something similar today to all that you just said. This story gets more crazier by the minute. Im just hearing about the wife maybe knowing about the attack. WTF I thought she earlier said she was divorced and did not deal with him. This is all really strange but FashionandSvedka you bring up some very valid points, I also heard that he would have to reload to kill that many people. It now appears that many of the victims may have been killed by Orlando police during the fire fight. At this point, I can not imagine anyone ever going out in Orlando again. The conspiracy theories are lighting up on social media and the sad part about it, is that there seems to be some truth to what many people are saying. Usually you can dismiss these theories but more and more some of the things being said, seem very plausible. 2016-we are 6 months in and it is already been one hell of a ride.

      1. He has been married twice.His ex wife has been doing interviews,she hasn’t seen him in years.His current wife is the one who drove him to Pulse and was with him when he bought ammunition.

      2. (Please foxhole don’t bash me for what I’m about to hypothesize) Has anyone ever thought that Trump may have something to do with this in order to gain more votes? Lets look at this: which minority group has more power in this country besides the Jewish? It’s the gays. Ever since we got gay marriage we been lit and it doesn’t seem like it’s slowing down. What if Trump paid Mateen off to kill a bunch of gays to garnish support for his campaign? ‘The Muslims did it, so we need to go after them’, Trump says. We agree. Already now, some of the gays are changing thier mind about voting for him come Election day. It’s a legit theory; he has the money to pay out for Mateens’s family to live good and he has the backing in Washington (no matter what Republican comes out against him, there are pretty powerful people who probably feel the same way he feels about the Mexicans, blacks, Muslims, etc. they just stay behind closed doors.) to actually carry this out. We may very well have underestimated his role in this. He hasn’t been completely heartbroken about the situation either.

  4. I’ve come to the conclusion that he was mentally ill, his homophobic father definitely played a part in the illness developing. Is it only me getting a really bad vibe from the father? He has a holier than thou attitude.

    My guess is that he did the crime because he felt like he had to repent. I have no doubt his wife was scared to say something if he abuses her, battered woman syndrome is very real.

  5. WFTV was talking about his wife as the alleged accomplice that helped him,not another shooter.

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