Foxholer Night Out: Stonewall Vigil

tumblr_o6y6itckDy1ug68c4o1_500i like when the foxhole is live on the scene.
you always come back with juicy evidence and a story to tell.
well this time,
it wasn’t anything fun.
a foxholer attended the “stonewall vigil” for the orlando victims at pulse.
stonewall is located down on christopher street in new yawk.
that is the forest’s highly populated gay area.
well this is what they said about it,
followed by pictures and videos

Hey Jamari,

I’m a regular reader and follower of your blog.

I’m sending you some videos and photos of what I saw at the Stonewall Vigil that I attended. The Governor and the Mayor spoke. One interesting thing you’d see and hear in the video, one of the speakers continually mentioned the name of the shooter. The crowd got angry and started chanting “Say their [victims’] name”. This happened about a dozen times before they finally relented and said the names of all 49 victims amid a sea of cellphone flashlights.

There were also two makeshift memorials, one in Christopher Park and the other at Stonewall. There was a lot of tears shed among people who gathered to pay their respects.

here are his pictures:

and videos:


very nice.
it looked like a great turn out.
thank you to the foxholer who did his f-bi work.

*videos and pictures credited to the foxholer

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “Foxholer Night Out: Stonewall Vigil”

  1. I’m still in shock, hurt, angry, and saddened by this situation. I just can’t get over this, I honestly didn’t think I would cry but when they released the victims pictures and stories it broke my heart.

    1. I had been crying everyday.I just watched interviews with the youngest victim’s Akerya two cousins and mother on Don Lemon’s CNN show.She was 18,one of her cousins is 20 Patience Carter and the other cousin was named Ciera,I think.The girl who died didn’t even live in Orlando,she was in town visiting her brother.Her parents took the three girls to Pulse to hang out.The two cousins who survived are dealing with survivor’s guilt.It is so sad

    2. Me too… FIFTY MF PEOPLE. FIFTY!!!!! I just can’t. That monster better burn wherever he is.

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