Soooooo The Retired Baller Wolf Got Banged To Death?

hi-res-ae1f19876139829982360ac7d34e7404_crop_northso i have been so involved with the orlando massacre,
i completely missed this story.
thank you to the f-bi who updated me.
so former dl,
no pun intended,
baller wolf by the name of bryan robinson,
was found dead in a hotel room.
the problem is that bryan robinson may have actually been dl.
he may have gotten banged into heaven too.
uhhhhhhh huh.
check out the low down via tmz sports

The Milwaukee Police Dept. says poppers, marijuana and alcohol were found in the motel room where ex-NFL lineman Bryan Robinson died.

According to an official report obtained by TMZ Sports, the 41-year-old checked in to the Midpoint Motel around 9 AM on Saturday with another man — black male, thin build and dreadlocks.

Staffers say Robinson was a “regular” at the hotel and usually checked out at 6 PM and got concerned when he didn’t leave at his usual time. So they checked on the room and found Robinson lying face down on the bed.

Officials say there was no sign of trauma — but investigators did find marijuana, an empty bottle of Jungle Juice Plus poppers, Crown Royal and a bottle of lubrication

The coroner noted that Robinson had “petechial hemorrhages.”

According to the police report, the other man left the motel between 4 PM and 5 PM

Officials say Robinson’s wife was contacted — and they informed her of his death. She said Robinson didn’t have any medical problems and she last spoke with him Saturday morning before he left

i’m so mad:

he died lying face down
he usually checks out at a certain time and the hotel staff got worried
his wife got the surprise of her life

i misread “hemorrhages” as “hemorrhoids”


that must have been some killer dick.

article taken: tmz sports

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Soooooo The Retired Baller Wolf Got Banged To Death?”

  1. Whoa! How. Embarassing…and what a fucked up way to go out, dl or not….I read about dude’s death earlier today, but tmz brought that exclusive tea

      1. They’re also used for taking dick. You sniff a little at a puts you in a euphoric state relaxing you enough to handle the initial penetration. Jungle Juice is a strong one though. Rush is the first one that came in a bottle. “Poppers” were originally little glass like capsules encapsulated in thick cotton and a mesh like netting. Folks would break it, therefore allowing the liquid to be absorbed into the cotton, and sniff until the effervescence dissapated. It was a club thing back in the late 70s & early 80s. Ooops, have I said too much? 😆😆

  2. Lawd send a Revival, this is just too much, I just broke out in a old time Holy Ghost version of that Old Gospel Hymn “Living in the Last Days”. What next Armageddon. 2016 has got to be the weirdest year on record. Between crazed closeted gunman’s and Milwaukee Trade, none of the kids are safe and it’s just June.

  3. This wasn’t intentional, right? It’s just kinda weird that the other guy just left without saying a word!!!! Like wtf?
    Did he just panic? Even still, I’m sure his prints are everywhere, so why NOT say something, now he looks guilty af? This is just weird. I’m interested to see how this all went down.

    R.I.P. to him. Damn.

    1. The other guy may have be an escort or prostitute.Do you stay if a client dies .I don’t know the protocol😒

  4. I just need to state for the record that it’s a HARD PASS for me. LOLOL…CURVE.

  5. I will not say he was on the low because there was not enough evidence to know for sure lol. I will say that he had petechial hemorrhages because he was possibly strangled by ol dude.

    1. Why do you think he had the poppers and lube?I know a “massage therapist” who uses both when he sees a a well endowed client🍆.The poppers helps him “open up” to accommodate the client.😀

  6. You may have misread hemorrage but the poppers are a dead give away. They were getting it in.

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