Can You Imagine?


i can only imagine how much this will effect him.
i’m glad he played dead.
i would have done the same.
a vix-bi sent me this about the pulse shooting as well…

“I just read on another site about a guy whose parents were informed he died in the shooting.Until today they didn’t know he was gay.One of his friends had to tell them.It breaks my heart💔 that he wasn’t able to share that information with them before he died.I wonder how many more of the victims were not “out” to their loved ones.😢 RIP”

a home-vixen i know knows someone who was allegedly there.
no word on his whereabouts yet and she is absolutely sick about it.
the more details i get about this,
the more drained i feel.tumblr_mrg7hs93kn1suclg3o3_250

i couldn’t even take a good nap earlier.
all i saw in my head was this massacre.
you can post all the updates in the comments.

lowkey: it took 2 hours for the police to get in there.
why is this?

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “Can You Imagine?”

  1. Wow! Another shooting in a club in summer 2016? #speechless I pray for the victims and everybody involved

  2. I couldn’t even imagine havin to go thru that, smh…Yeah, I need to understand the delay with the police….that city in particular should surely have their terrorism task forces and expedient protocols together considering it hosts one of the world’s largest tourist attractions and one that is the epitome of everything jihadists despise about the west. ..

    1. ^the part about them being outside for two hours,
      while this demon hunted the trapped to killed,
      has me extremely bothered.
      that ar-15 he used was no joke.
      that seems like the go to gun for mass destruction.

      1. And the bullets they use are specifically designed to break up and shred through flesh; get shot in the bicep, that mofo liable to end up in your neck n shit…cause, these are TOTALLY sensible to sell outside DoD purposes, huh?

      2. It was a stand off for those two hours. It was a hostage situation until a point. That’s why they were outside. It’s was 103 people total. That’s why hey waited so long

  3. Unfortunate the government makes a lot of money selling weapons in and out of the country. So there won’t be any gun control in the forsee able future. We arm countries with the intent of them defending thems elves when in actuality they are being used to kill us. In history wars and guns have been used to improve the economy. Only one president has improved the economy without starting a,war and that’s barrack obama. However our congress is a big arms dealer and sells arms to other countries and whoever for some cash. Check the manufacturer of some of these weapons

    1. I disagree on your statement about President Obama he started numerous NATO wars in Africa (His home country), he also sanctioned biological warfare (Zika, Ebola) on the African ppl and was responsible for assassination of The Prime Minister of Libya.

  4. This entire situation breaks my heart. I couldn’t even think straight today. Just thinking about how this could’ve been anyone of us. And what breaks my heart even more is that our “leaders” will let this tragedy pass like the others and not do anything about gun reform. We live in such a sad, hateful, and selfish world. My heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones.

  5. What is starting to bother me is that in this shooting and others, the assailant has been on the government watch list for a while. The government seems to know about these people and let them act and do something like this. Makes you wonder what’s really going on

  6. I’m completely Heartbroken. One police officer broke down on the news here saying as they walked through the club, bodies still laying where they fell, all you could hear were cellphones going off. Family and friends trying to reach those who were already gone….

  7. The man who was texting his mom from the bathroom has been confirmed dead.His name was Eddie Justice,he was 30.

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