The Mental Games of Rashawn Brazzell’s Alleged Killer

so as you know,
they found the alleged killer of rashawn brazzell.
we spoke about this ( x a week or two ago ).
his name is kwauhuru govan and he looks like so:

he allegedly is the heavy suspect of killing rashawn

he claims rashawn being gay was an “abomination” to his religion.
this is after he blew kisses to rashawn’s mother in court.
the f-bi keeping me up to date with this story sent me the follow up…

The man accused of butchering a Brooklyn teen in 2005 mouthed “I love you” to the mother of his victim in a Friday court appearance — but told investigators her gay son was “an abomination.”

Kwauhuru Govan, 38, made the bizarre gesture to the mother of 19-year-old Rashawn Brazell before pleading not guilty to murder charges in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Justice Michael Brennan ordered Govan, who fought with officers and loudly proclaimed his innocence in his previous court appearance, held without bail.

Brazell’s mother Desire left the courtroom without commenting.

Govan was interviewed by investigators last September while locked up in Florida on armed robbery charges.

He was ultimately hauled back to New York after DNA evidence linked him to the 2004 murder of Brooklyn high school student Sharabia Thomas.

In the interview in Florida, Govan told cops he was a Jehovah’s Witness who grew up on the same block as Brazell but didn’t associate with him.

“Because Rashawn was an abomination according to the Bible, and that because of his faith the defendant was not permitted to associate with gays,” according to a court document that summarized the interview.

Govan, who bizarrely described Brazell as his cousin even though they weren’t related, said he was aware of the victim’s dismembering.

But he claimed he was in Saint Louis, learning how to drive 18-wheelers, when he first learned about the killing in a TV news report, according to court papers.

His story fell apart when he was apparently shown a copy of Brazell’s funeral register.

Govan “denied that it was his handwriting, and then stated that it kind of looked like his handwriting,” court papers say. “The defendant then stated that his dates are a little scrambled and that he did in fact attend Rashawn’s funeral.”

Govan created a wild scene at his Feb. 23 arraignment when officers had to carry him into court kicking and screaming.

They’re framing me for this murder!” shouted Govan, whose arraignment was put on hold because he refused to be fingerprinted. “I can’t even dissect a frog!” 

this is getting so bizarre.
there is a side of me that thinks that jackal is crazy af.
psychopathic levels.
he has holes all throughout his story.
he claims he didn’t murder sharabia thomas either.
she was killed,
left naked,
and stuffed in a laundry bag.
her limbs were still in tact.
there is another a small side that thinks he didn’t do it.
it’s very small tho.
i need more evidence from him that links him to this crime.
the wild part is if he didn’t do it,
the one who did is still out there in society.
that’s scary af.

lowkey: this story reminds me of ( x the black dahlia murder ).
killer was never found.

article taken: the new york daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “The Mental Games of Rashawn Brazzell’s Alleged Killer”

  1. LOL!!! He’s not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses….don’t promote that foolishness.

  2. I hope justice is served. I have zero idea of the reason people think it is fine to take another person’s life.

  3. No joke, but most Jehovah witness are bat shit crazy. My mom’s ex-friend who is an ex-lesbian became a Jehovah witness and she is coo coo for cocopuff. I always find it weird how women who become Jehovah witness always have very thin hair.
    Do I think he did it? There’s a high chance he did. If all evidences point to him then yeah I can believe it. Plus blowing kisses and saying “I love you” to RaShawn’s mom is an act of intimidation like he’s trying to scare her or make fun of the loss of her son

    1. @Lindo…don’t blame the RELIGION, blame the PERSON. He was more likely crazy before he became a Witness.

  4. i missed your original entry about Brazell, this is sick… i think he did both he’s a psychopath who thinks he can kill whenever he wants

    1. ^you know what the crazy part is?
      there are legit pyschopaths walking around who haven’t killed anyone yet.
      i was blown away when i researched pyscho and sociopaths.
      real eye opener.

      1. ^Oh it’s real, J. I’ve seen some crazy ass people out there, who have yet to do anything.
        Sociopaths have more self-control than psychopaths though.
        Mental illness will not be taken seriously until someone that is beloved or important to someone higher up is hurt or killed. THEN watch that shyt become a concern of the country.
        We can be like, welcome to the party late…you dumbass mofos!

        1. ^isnt is kinda scary here are some ticking time bombs out here?
          they are waiting to be set off by the right person.
          it almost intimidates me in bringing people into my crib.

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