F-Bi: The Wolf That Is Porsha’s Wolf Friend on RHOA

so as you know,
i’ve banished reality tv
blah blah blah.
you already know.
it’s not like i could avoid it between those i know who do and online talk.
i’m feeling i may start watching “rhoa” again tho.
a 10th season refresh?
we shall see.
well there is a clip making it’s rounds from “the real housewives of atlanta”.
i guess this weeks episode and it has to do with kandi’s sex dungeon.
i leave the show alone and kandi gets a sex dungeon?
i had a question for the foxhole about the clip…

that was INTENSE!
if the allegations aren’t true,
kandi should have hauled off and slapped her.
this entry is about porsha tho…

Who is that sitting next to her?

he looks cute from all that i can see.
she usually dates attractive from what i remember.
can i get some f-bi info?

lowkey: are all the porsha supporters defending her behavior?
when i use to watch,
i use to hear “provoked by kenya” being thrown around in her defense.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “F-Bi: The Wolf That Is Porsha’s Wolf Friend on RHOA”

  1. His name is Todd Stewart. His IG is @ToddorTyler. From what I know about him is that he’s a deadbeat dad.. BUT he is a nice piece to look at. & his smile is too cute.

    1. @Dee…he is very handsome. They do look good together, but like Porsha said to him…she just wants his sperm. LOL
      I did see that episode where she told him she wanted a baby and she wanted him to be the daddy. But I gave up on reality shows a long time ago. I really wish they would do away with them and put some good shows back on TV.

    2. Deadbeat really. Why Porsha acting like he deserve the Daddy of the Year Award. Hell, then again it is Porsha. He is a cutie and a goof.

  2. Todd. His kids are exposing him for being a deadbeat which is the reason why he’s on there to get Horsha pregnant but no strings attached plus he’s dumb as hell just like her I guess it’s match made in heaven I guess only thing I like about him is his smile 😁😁😁

  3. Porsha is going way too far! I am on Kandi side and she should sue her because that’s defamation. The guy that Porsha is dating is some guy who quit his job to move to Atlanta so he can be with her meanwhile he has a baby mama who I am sure is expecting child support. He is pretty dumb like Porsha tbh. They are cut from the same cloth.

    The other reality show you should watch is Little Women: ATL…. You have to see it. One girl, Tanya, who has a baby daddy who was just exposed or outed on @fameoloust_ his name is Nico. She has a baby from him and is now having another one. On the show, she has high hopes they will be together once he move to Atlanta but I doubt it. No, he’s definitely going to move to Atlanta for sure but to find some man meat or bunz

    1. ^damn!!!

      he quit his job to be with porsha of all people?
      and she allowed this???
      im at a loss for words with her stupidity.
      this reality drama runs deep.
      ive heard of little women tho.

      1. He didnt quit his job. Thats the lie he told her thinking it would make her feel good. He was actually fired. lol

  4. Kandi might be rich, but she’s hood as fuck and is from College Park. Porscha definitely does not want those problems.

  5. I’m the same I barely watch reality tv except in passing. I do know what’s been going on in this season of this show because everyone’s been talking about it. Even tho I find Kandi to be annoying I’m on her side when it comes to this.

    The Todd guy while aloof is a cutie to me and if Porsha don’t want him I would gladly add him to the 12 to 5 am team of wolves 😈

  6. Todd is okay, I do not really find him all that attractive, but quitting his job did not help either lol. Yea, that clip is explosive and I am ready for it. Porsha is wrong and she knows it. SMH

  7. All I can say is that reunion may need extra security. Porsha has still not revealed that Sista Phae Phae put it out to the universe that Kandi had been the carpet muncher with Shamea ( Porsha’s best friend) with Todd being participating .Why is dummy sitting there taking all the blame… smh

    Porsha saying Kandi and Todd tried to drug her …and that Todd goes by the name Marvin to pick up females. Kandi needs to beat her a**

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