MEAT: (770)

“hey baby…
breakfast is waiting downstairs.
i gotto go,
but you want anything else?”

all while he is doing this

“well some dick would be nice.”

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “MEAT: (770)

  1. I love the let me lean in and chat w/ you while also making sure I’m blocking you from getting some tongue if i’m feeling like it thing.

  2. Hey TVTwin,

    His name is Armond Rashad. He’s a business man/personal trainer and newly, a WEtv reality tv star who’s a Detroit native. He’s incredibly sweet and a pretty awesome guy. There’s only more where that came from. Look him up.

    (Thought I’d be apart of the FB-I for for once. 😉)

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