Tyrann Mathieu Ain’t Afraid of No Death Threats (Maybe?)

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 8.01.14 PMballer wolf cornerback,
tyrann mathieu,
was never one to hold his tongue.
he had a lot to say about the tragic death of fellow baller wolf,
will smith.
well his words have gotten him in trouble.
so he was featured on “the rich eisen show” and this is what he said…

shrugit’s a free country.
well he has been getting death threats.
some crazy jackals are siding with the alleged killer.
oh yes.
this is what the new york daily news said:

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Tyrann Mathieu said he can’t come home to New Orleans to mourn his idol Will Smith — because he’s been overwhelmed with death threats for speaking out about Smith’s accused killer.

“I don’t think I can go back to New Orleans. I don’t think that’s possible,” Mathieu told the Daily News on Monday.

“Why? Because I called a spade a spade.”

Smith, a former defensive end for the New Orleans Saints, was shot and killed Saturday allegedly by Cardell Hayes, a one-time local prep player with a middling pigskin career. Police said Hayes rear-ended Smith’s car, then whipped out a handgun during a verbal argument, firing several shots at the former Saints star. 

The day after Smith’s killing, Mathieu alluded to knowing Hayes — and holding a grudge against him.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 8.59.52 PM

That tweet, and others about the cycle of gun violence in his hometown, sparked a flood of online harassment and death threats from those who know Hayes in New Orleans, Mathieu said.

New Orleans is a very small city, and most people never speak up,” he said.

“Most people accept that lifestyle and say it’s okay and you have to be violent. For me to use my platform to speak up…that created this.”

It was not immediately clear if Mathieu had filed a police report.

well i’m glad he spoke up for what he believed in.
ain’t nothing worse than a coward.
since his life has been threatened,
i asked myself…

Should Tyrann still go to the funeral?

i would.
my security detail would have to be on stupid tho.
sadly that would distract the others who came to mourn.
for peace sake,
tyrann may have to sit that one out.

lowkey: remember tyrann tho?
he was nice ‘n’ ratchet before he found Christ…


always been a fan.


article taken: new york daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Tyrann Mathieu Ain’t Afraid of No Death Threats (Maybe?)”

  1. I checked the archive and I have one question: Does he have an e-mail in his bio on any of his social media platforms? Hahah

    He’s hot.

  2. Glad he spoke up, I can’t believe people are sliding with the guy who killed will smh

    P.S. I forgot how gifted ( 🍆💦💦) he was, thanks for the link you posted as a reminder.

  3. Oh my…my my myyyy….the archives Jamari, wow…had no idea he’s graced the pages of the hole before my time here…wait, them mediatakeout shots though?!?!?….please tell me u saved the screenshot for what was under the ‘check for receipts’…

    *okay focus…focus*

    Um, yeah this story is jus’ depressing on all levels…NO is not alone in the struggle though, shit happens every otha second it seems…

    I’m sure there’s more to this story, but so far dude acted quite cowardly…was Smith reachin for a gun which is why he shot ’em in the BACK? *shrugs*


  4. Yea, New Orleans is no joke. I would not go to the funeral if I were him unless I was accompanied by the secret service.

  5. I really hopes that he sits this one out, it is just not worth getting the old church mothers and other church goers hurt when some ignorant pineapple wants to prove a point. I am planning on going down there this summer for the Essence festival and I keep thinking in my mind that do I really want to take a chance. I use to go and party down there all the time but havent been in years. I have some friends who live there who tell me it is alot of unnecessary foolishness that goes on. The family is already mourning this tragic loss, no need to add to their grief having to witness some random stupidity.

  6. I was listening to the phone interview (not knowing anything about the dude) and was so turned on by his voice. I immediately said, “he sounds like he’d eff the hell out of you”…love his voice…

  7. Black Lives Matter, my ass. I don’t blame Tyrann for not going because he loves his life way more than going to a possible shoot out where his security guards can be killed too. Security guards are not like Superman, bulletproof. I’m glad he spoke up about how people say quiet, but ooooh if a cop killed someone then a whole group wanna get mad and speak out. Yea black lives matter when a white person takes it away, but when black person kills another black lives there’s nothing but crickets.

    1. Oh give me a break with this coon ass black on black crime nonsense. Most crime is intraracial. You don’t actually care about “black crime” because there have been plenty of folks who have spoken out and organizations who deal with crime as it pertains to the black community. Just because these people and organizations don’t get mainstream attention doesn’t mean they don’t exist or that black people don’t care. It means YOU don’t care to do simple research about these things. You sit around waiting for the media to tell you what to care about and pay attention to.

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