Your Son’s Idol Just Got Kicked Off The Team

not my child you ain’t!

the honey badger just lost it all.
he thought he was to cool for school.
i guess he should give a shit now…

The dynamic and controversial Louisiana State cornerback Tyrann Mathieu is no longer on the Tigers football team, Coach Les Miles announced Friday. Miles said Mathieu violated team rules, though he declined to be more specific.

Mathieu, a junior, was poised to be one of the major stars in college football. L.S.U. is ranked No. 1 in the preseason coaches’ poll and Mathieu, who finished fifth in the Heisman Trophy balloting last year, is considered one of the most explosive players in the country. His penchant for causing turnovers and his ability to turn punt returns into scoring opportunities made him the unquestioned star of L.S.U.’s run to the national title game last season.

“We’ll miss him, but we have to go on,” Miles said.

Mathieu, who was the most valuable player of the 2011 Southeastern Conference championship game, has also been hampered by problems off the field. He served a one-game suspension last year for violating the team’s drug policy, missing an October matchup against Auburn.

Mathieu’s flamboyant reputation was burnished by his exploits on and off the field. He scored four touchdowns last season — two on fumble returns and two on punt returns — and showed a knack for making the timely play. He also maintains an opinionated Twitter account on which he often complains about those he feels do not believe in his talent.

While listed as a cornerback, Mathieu’s value to the Tigers transcends covering opponents. As a sure and potent tackler, he often moves toward the line of scrimmage in run situations. He also has a dynamic impact on special teams, forcing opponents to change their punt strategies.

Miles said he expected Mathieu to transfer. Mathieu, whose fearless style of play earned him the nickname Honey Badger, will probably look to play at a Football Championship Subdivision university or for one in the N.A.I.A., depending on where he will be able to play immediately. That could depend on which rule he was found to have violated.

The loss leaves a big hole for L.S.U., which was undefeated last season before losing to Alabama in the national title game. The Tigers are expected to contend for the championship again, and Miles said they needed to put the loss of Mathieu behind them.

“I called on the leadership of this team to understand that these things happen,” Miles said.


they are saying he failed a drug test…. for the third time.
for a wolf so cocky,
you would think he would have had his shit together.
but when you can’t even control all your side vixens…
you already know he was messy.
sad because he was a damn good pre baller wolf too.
you know what they say…

Thousands of wolves would kill for that job

his replacement will be coming in the mail soon.
but with a peen like this:


he should be okay, right?

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “Your Son’s Idol Just Got Kicked Off The Team”

  1. Just like a nigga to fuck up a good thing. What the hell is wrong with out people?” Geez. You know his ass probably was smoking weed, and if so that is stupid as hell. These players know they get tested every once in a while, and I know they have surprise test too. Is weed that good that’s it’s worth jeopardizing your career?

  2. Wow..I was looking forward to seeing him play for LSU. He is a very talented corner back. Come on honey badger get it together! And thanks for the visuals Jamari…that piece he working with is magnificent!

  3. Not too many people are afforded such an opportunity, and he comes along and screws it up. Damn shame. Let’s see how far his honey gets him now. I wish him the best.

  4. I think it’s a shame, but he’s gonna suffer – though in the end, he’ll still likely end up with a NFL contract eventually…he’s too talented otherwise. Obviously he wasn’t prepared to deal with all the attention and admiration from LSU’s run – especially the Heisman hype. Dude likely doesn’t have the inner circle to keep him grounded…and they make no money so I can see the temptation. I think Miles tried as much as he could (or at least I hope so), but I applaud that he didn’t sweep this under the rug & “Honey Badger” is gonna learn. Better now then when he gets the real money…

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