Ray Edwards Bares All… But For A Good Cause [ PLEASE READ ]

i’m starting to think of my favorites likes to be naked.
it’s okay, we don’t mind.
but ray edwards has gone naked for a good cause.
one that all of my wolves, hybrids, and foxes need to be aware of.
it is a scary subject, but one that needs to be highlighted

Short Summary

Did you know that testicular cancer kills more men under the age of 30 than women with breast cancer? My hope is that this project educates the world about the leading cancer of men ages 15 – 35.  I want to give HOPE and RECOGNITION to all victims and survivors of testicular cancer. The Sneakers Book Project will do just that… give HOPE and RECOGNITION to these great men by funding research initiatives to testicular cancer. If you would like to purchase an art book, go to http://store.carlosjonesonline.net

The Impact

Everyday a man is diagnosed with testicular cancer.  If treated and detected early, testicular cancer victims are often cured.  You can make a difference in a young man’s life today with your contribution. The ultimate path to reduce the death rate from testicular cancer is through awareness and early detection.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please get the word out and SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! Please inform everyone you are connected with about this project. Not too many people know about this disease, yet so many men die EVERYDAY from testicular cancer.

Check out the share tools that Indiegogo has set up to make as easy as humanly possible – Facebook, Twitter, etc. all at the click of a mouse.

If you are interested in purchasing the book for the project, please go to http://store.carlosjonesonline.net

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4u4WFl-ri8]


i love a wolf who does good.
good job ray and everyone involved with this campaign.

9 thoughts on “Ray Edwards Bares All… But For A Good Cause [ PLEASE READ ]

  1. I love Ray! He doesn’t mind given his fans a treat by showing that mass of muscle and thickness! I think he is down for whatever!

  2. That Seinfeld gif is hilarious. I needed that after the day I had.
    Good work, Ray. If you ever need any exam, just holla.

    1. And Dr. Man I will be you assistant. You check his testicles, while I check his prostate.

      I applaud him for being a good sport to participate in such a good cause

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