f0xmail: Should I Get The Wolf Drunk So I Can Finally Feel On That Booty?


Remember that wolf (with the big ass) from my job you made a post about. Well, back when he invited to his 4th of July party that passed over month ago I didn’t end up going. I think I told you guys. Well since then nothing has popped off and my attraction towards him grows stronger every time we speak. At this point I’m a little heartbroken because his relationship status on Facebook indicated that’s he’s with some white chick (Ugh, Smh!). I feel as though I missed out by not cultivating a potential friendship that could have possibly lead to something more. Now he’s invited to go out with him (just us two!) for drinks next weekend because he’s free. Could this be my opportunity to make my move. Should the fact that he has a girlfriend now, should I back off from all romantic prospects involving us? I’d like some advice from you and the fellas’.


we definitely know about the wolf with the big ass.
he has become the jack off fantasy of many….

but, are drunken words sober thoughts?

a question we all want the answer too.
can i feed a wolf vodka shots and ask him a few questions in 15 minutes?
will he reveal the answers to all my desires?
well, when anyone drinks there is a neurological and psychological regression.
the higher the blood alcohol level, the more primitive and hostile the response that comes out.
that means he may just beat cho ass…
or he may beat that ass/get that ass beat.

we want the latter.

the wolf in question is straight until proven gay.
he may be a future friend…
or a  future FWB.
go out with him and enjoy a few drinks.
don’t be nervous.
drink and then let him reveal.
look for gestures and even stares.
but, don’t try so hard.
don’t act like you are taking him on a date either.
you should be going out in some real chill shit.
because guess what?
when you drink,
all of YOUR secrets will come out too.
so i suggest keeping your intoxication level in check.

also, do not sleep with him that first night.
here is why…
you want to make sure that you do not fuck his brains out and he doesn’t remember.
or, he can blame it on the goose, blame it on the henny….
let him pursue you if he does reveal.
just so you know he won’t play you for stupid.
unless you want a one nighter, go ahead.
a true wolf makes sure the pipe is what he fiends.

oh, and as far as the snow bunny
he does need a handy beard if all goes well.

hope this helps.
go comment section, go!

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “f0xmail: Should I Get The Wolf Drunk So I Can Finally Feel On That Booty?”

  1. If you decide to hang out with him, it would probably be in y9our best interest if you do not attempt any sexual innuendo. He may just want to be your friend. If you want more, and he is indeed in a relationship, you should not hang out. The last thing you would want to do is ruin something before it even begins.

  2. PLEASE don’t try that fag shit and molest him. Let him make the first move and be on guard. He may just be a cool straight dude who likes you as a friend. Don’t fuck that up. If he has a girlfriend, I wouldn’t fuck with him on a sexual level. Just go and have fun and make sure you keep it classy!

  3. Here me out. I would never do anything with him while he’s still freakin’ it to the female. And I don’t even know if he gets down for sure, so I’m just seeing where things might go. Yeah I wanna smash, lick, and beat the shit out of his cakes but I have self control. I wouldn’t do something that could potentially damage my reputation and work and fuck with my money. I’m gonna play this smart because I gotta feeling about this dude. He got “twinkle” in his eyes I know something’s up with him

    1. Yea. You you have to control yourself and not move too fast. I suggest that you throw hints by flirting first, but don’t do it too soon. You have to ease your way to the flirting with someone who you think might be down, it takes a while. Then you get to those pun or no pun intended situationwhere it comes off as innocent but the both of you know otherwise. If he doesn’t catch on to it, you have to put him in the straight catergory because down dudes catch on to certain things if the feeling is mutual.

      S/N: it’s easy to flirt with guys through text messages too. It’s many things people don’t mind typing in a text message that they wouldn’t say in person.

  4. Never trust a big butt and a smile.


    Don’t do it. Especially with alcohol involved.
    You know dudes act funny as soon as some tongue or dick get in em.
    Ain’t nothing romantic about being on the sidelines. Say you do beat and that phat ass was wack, then what?

  5. Most people like attention. I think that this big booty co-worker of Que’s is one of those people. I agree with the majority here. DON’T TRY ANYTHING with the dude. Let the friendship run its course. Don’t be another thirsty gay dude trying to turn out a straight dude. It’s not a good look. Do you know how many good looking masculine gay black men there are out there? Lots. Be patient and find one of those.

  6. Molly, you in danger girl..lol

    People let alcohol lubricate them to the point that they do ish they wouldn’t normally. However, in this case there are a bunch of red flags & warning signs. First of all, never shyt where you eat. If all this blows up, that’s your azz (at work). I don’t know your office makeup, but if there aren’t a lot of Black people – and he doesn’t know your gay/bi – he’s most likely trying to find a friend at work. He could also be a snow queen – if all his girlfriends have been White (or non-Black).

    I think you’re lusting hard after that azz…and having seen it, I don’t blame you. If you can control yourself, go out for drinks – just don’t drink too much yourself. Definitely don’t try anything on him…don’t be that gay dude. Just be friends & feel him out. If something is gonna happen, he’ll have to make the move. Keep your d1ck in check! 🙂

  7. Well we went out last night but nothing popped off. Had a good time though. His ass looked fat as fuck per usual. Damn, Damn, Damn!

      1. Man he wore these beige chinos that hugged his ass perfectly. Looked like two globes attached to his back. But lemme stop daydreaming because nothing will ever come into fruition ):

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