f0xmail: Should I Get The Wolf Drunk So I Can Finally Feel On That Booty?


Remember that wolf (with the big ass) from my job you made a post about. Well, back when he invited to his 4th of July party that passed over month ago I didn’t end up going. I think I told you guys. Well since then nothing has popped off and my attraction towards him grows stronger every time we speak. At this point I’m a little heartbroken because his relationship status on Facebook indicated that’s he’s with some white chick (Ugh, Smh!). I feel as though I missed out by not cultivating a potential friendship that could have possibly lead to something more. Now he’s invited to go out with him (just us two!) for drinks next weekend because he’s free. Could this be my opportunity to make my move. Should the fact that he has a girlfriend now, should I back off from all romantic prospects involving us? I’d like some advice from you and the fellas’.


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The Island of the Bi-Sexuals

Industry parties bring out the most interesting people and things.

It can be a struggle,
but I see why people fight to be in the “industry”.
It can bring a ton of pleasure getting behind those VIP doors.
It can also be a struggle to get there and an even bigger struggle once you get inside.
You have to make sure that you talk to the right people who drop the right key sentences:

“I work at a record label…”
“Oh, I am a assistant for…”
“The company I work for just signed….”

Networking is a big deal because you never know who can help you get to a higher position.
You can go from lowly intern to administrative assistant in the drop of a business card or an exchanging of a phone number.
But for me who is painfully shy around the right people….


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