mental homework: (11)

please read this below.
old head provide so much insight.
he commented in “You Can’t Even Fuck Someone In NY Without Catching A Disease“.
entry had most of us shook.
i didn’t even want to look at another dick again…
….until later today.
this needed to be shared…

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WORLD AIDS DAY (The Foxhole Town Hall Announcement)

today is a very important day.
world aids day.
we living in this lifestyle think this is a joke or not to be taken seriously.
but, it isn’t funny or something that shouldn’t be glossed over because it’s scary.
aids is wiping us out.
it is killing us by the dozens.
i have met so many people who are now HIV+ this year alone.
some are still living their lives,
others are still being hoes and not telling their partners.

pornos are cute with the raw sex and i will admit,
i like to watch.
but when it comes to sticking your meat in me,
you WILL wrap up that kielbasa to go.
i don’t care how fine you are or how much money you have.
i love me too much.
i don’t like crunchy meat to start with.
plus, my parents warned me about putting raw meat in my mouth.

not every sausage that looks tasty is goof for you.

it is sad and absolutely disgusting how careless we can be.
just imagine the wolf you are talking to now,
had sex with someone the night before,
who had sex with hybrid who is HIV+ days ago.
just passing diseases left and right.
that train of carelessness now has reached you.
an innocent bystander…

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Ray Edwards Bares All… But For A Good Cause [ PLEASE READ ]

i’m starting to think of my favorites likes to be naked.
it’s okay, we don’t mind.
but ray edwards has gone naked for a good cause.
one that all of my wolves, hybrids, and foxes need to be aware of.
it is a scary subject, but one that needs to be highlighted

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