WORLD AIDS DAY (The Foxhole Town Hall Announcement)

today is a very important day.
world aids day.
we living in this lifestyle think this is a joke or not to be taken seriously.
but, it isn’t funny or something that shouldn’t be glossed over because it’s scary.
aids is wiping us out.
it is killing us by the dozens.
i have met so many people who are now HIV+ this year alone.
some are still living their lives,
others are still being hoes and not telling their partners.

pornos are cute with the raw sex and i will admit,
i like to watch.
but when it comes to sticking your meat in me,
you WILL wrap up that kielbasa to go.
i don’t care how fine you are or how much money you have.
i love me too much.
i don’t like crunchy meat to start with.
plus, my parents warned me about putting raw meat in my mouth.

not every sausage that looks tasty is goof for you.

it is sad and absolutely disgusting how careless we can be.
just imagine the wolf you are talking to now,
had sex with someone the night before,
who had sex with hybrid who is HIV+ days ago.
just passing diseases left and right.
that train of carelessness now has reached you.
an innocent bystander…

so today i want you all to just bring awareness to this issue in your own way.
stop at the store and re-up on condoms.
go out and get tested.
know your status.
hiv is not what it use to be,
but it is still something that needs to be talked about.

 alicia keys, congresswoman barbara lee, and valerie jarnett (senior adviser to the president) are having a twitter discussion about the can start on a keys twitter (@aliciakeys) and tune in!

a big congratulations to the winner of the RED RIBBON CONTEST.
it made me a little sad there wasn’t a huge bum rush,
but i realized that many of my readers are anonymous,
so not a lot of people will put themselves out there.
makes sense.
(check out ONE Condoms and see what they have to offer!)
thank you for even tuning in and being a part of what i have to offer,
then and now.
still means a lot.
i want you guys to be safe out there when you leave the foxhole.
so get your shit right and wrap it up each time.



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “WORLD AIDS DAY (The Foxhole Town Hall Announcement)”

  1. It’s so sad that so many people think they’re invincible and something like this won’t happen to them. I’m really praying that we get better and start taking our bodies seriously. We only get one life and one body and we def need to learn how to start protecting it and taking proper care of it. Know your status, stop laying down raw pipe, stop letting people talk you out of wearing protection. You’re allowing someone to enter your body or your entering someone else’s body at a high risk when you don’t know your or their status. I remember reading on a message board about men that actually want AIDS and will do anything to get it. It’s a scary world out there and until you start giving a damn about your body, you’re in big trouble. A lot of people don’t start to care until it actually happens to them and they catch it. Start caring now because it’s only getting worse.

  2. I may sound like a broken record, but it boggles my mind, that so many young people are careless with their health and their future, I am blessed that I am old enough to remember when AIDS patient would literally waste away in front of your eyes, making you think about having unprotected sex. Many people are deceived that this disease is not that bad because of all of the advances, but from even the most positive of people it is a nightmare with all of the drugs and the side effects. I lost my closest friend to this disease and I have never been the same. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the impact of AIDS and HIV, but I promised my BFF, that I would protect myself. I’m still sexually active and I know I’m still at risk, but I think before engaging in any risky behaviors, and raw anal sex is out the question. I love me, and at the end of the day, as Beyonce says its Me, Myself, and I that’s all you have in the end. Strap it up, because the life you save maybe your own.

  3. That pic at the top was so sad. Damn. I just don’t understand how people can play with their lives like that. HIV is real, and a lot of people don’t understand that, especially young men who are my age. They are so desperate to get down with a dude that they don’t even think about safe sex, and that is truly sad. I wish that most of them think the way I do. That’s why to influence my friends and other people around me as much as possible. I look at myself and I know that I am worth a lot, so that’s why I value my life and every body else should too. A good nut is not worth my life.

  4. I must admit I had to wake up and bless the lord and I been doing it every since. I am sick of those phone calls of my former club buddies telling me they are positive or somebody passed! I am sick of us not giving a damn….

    1. ^i look at these raw sex amatuer videos and i often ask myself will i meet this wolf fucking whoever hoe this is raw?
      will i fall for his charms?
      will i be next?
      it has gotten to the point things are so scary that i don’t even want to meet anyone.
      new york has become an hiv cesspool.
      its being passed on left and right.
      all for a couple minutes of thrill or “he looks clean”.

      its sad.

      1. Same way I feel about ATL but it’s everywhere. It’s starting to wear on me too. I like porn. I like naked men. I like sex. I like RAW porn but even when watching it, I get sick to my stomach. Like you, I wonder well I meet a dude like that. Do they care? Is the dick/ass THAT good? Is it worth it?

        I had a dude tell me to my face that when we had sex, he had JUST found out he was HIV positive and he didn’t care if I got it. I was pissed at him but then I thought about it. You allowed this man to have sex with you without a condom. THANK GOD I am still negative and clean as a whistle.

        Now I DON’T have sex. I play with my toys and I am fine with that. If I do meet a man, we are BOTH going to get tested and STAY tested. He has to have the mindset like I do: Assume everyone is positive! We will NOT be raw doggin’ (and I do like raw sex but I ain’t about to live with HIV!).

        I don’t know man….I just don’t know anymore..

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