I cried like a bitch reading this story below,
I won’t even lie to you today….

A Chinese mother-of-two has been left disfigured by tumours which have been growing on her face for the last ten years.

Li Hongfang, 40, is shunned in public because of the rare condition which has caused her face to slowly swell.

She has been unable to get medical treatment for Chordoma because she cannot afford it. The illness is a form of bone cancer which causes tissue to grow.

The trouble started in 2001 when she noticed a small patch of swelling on her forehead which she initially ignored because it was not painful.

When her condition was finally diagnosed four years later, doctors said she had seven tumours growing on her face.

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Please remember how blessed you are.
I pray that woman receives a major blessing!
Everyone who is dealing with a struggle,
take some time to be thankful for the good you have.
Even if you can’t see it,
you are.
Just pay attention.


  1. anytime I complain about something or get upset at a situation, my mom always tells me “In everything, give thanks”. Love that woman…

  2. I just read the story of Simone Watson. A Clark-Atlanta graduate who would have graduated at the top of her class. She died from complications of lupus two weeks before commencement. Her mother and sister accepted the degrees on her behalf. It’s people like her that remind me that I have NO excuse to complain. You may think your life is SO bad but there are others who go through far worst then you and you never know it because they keep a smile on their face! God is good and he makes no mistakes! We ALL got a battle to fight until it’s over…

  3. Yes, I do have to rememebr how blessed I am. I feel so bad for this woman. The sad part is that she can’t afford to get treatment.

    1. She can’t, but the government could if they wanted to; that’s the fugged up part.

      But I have breath in my body, all my senses, and I’m healthy…so I am blessed. Thanks for the reminder.

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