Who Killed Karina Vetrano?

ever since i read about the murder of ^this vixen,
i have had my nose in it.
say goodbye to karina vetrano.
she was the jogger who was mysteriously killed at howard beach in queens,
new yawk.
she went out for regular evening jog,
after her father told her not to,
and she never came home.
he got worried because she never came home 2 hours later.
that’s when he called the cops.
the father took them to find her.
she was found raped,
and strangled when they found her in a muddy marsh.
they recently found her alleged killer and well…

his name is chanel lewis.
even though they claimed her dna was on him,
and he said he murdered ( x because he was in a bad mood ),
i’m not buying that he is the killer.
first of all,
karina worked out heavy.
she was also into kick boxing.

she put up a pretty good fight with whoever killed her.
so much so,
the jackal ( x ended up knocking out her teeth ).
she did not go down so easily.
when i saw the news and chanel was brought into custody,
my foxy senses didn’t compute he being the alleged the killer.
he seemed completely out of it and mentally challenged.
even the sketch of the alleged killer doesn’t match chanel.

i’m feeling like it was either an alleged:

a) inside job
b) passion kill
c) 2 jackals against her

it seemed too personal.
i could be wrong tho.
something just doesn’t add up to me.
whoever killed that vixen,
chanel or not,
i hope they are brought to justice.
rip to karina.

lowkey: something tells me the father knows whats up.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Who Killed Karina Vetrano?”

  1. Yeah he does seem special needs to me. I want to say something traumatic happen to him based on his behavior, but would it lead to killing someone? I’m confused. Im glad you brought this up J, even though I want to point finger at this guy. I hope they thoughtfully looked into every scenario and possibility .

      1. J, I said the same thing when it happened…that the father knows something or may very well have killed her himself. Dude was way too calm. Now the mother…she was a beast!! That Italian came out!!
        I don’t think this kid did it. The NYPD is taking advantage of him being slow. I hope his family gets a good attorney to REALLY look into this. I think this was a rush job to find the killer of a young white girl, and they conveniently found a scapegoat.
        I believe a homeless person or addict that frequented that area killed that girl. This dude lived in Brooklyn and was way over in Queens?! Naw…something ain’t right.

  2. Whoa this sounds like something straight out of a Netflix miniseries. This is going to be very interesting when the real facts come to light. I smell all kinds of rats in this story and the story has all kinds of holes in it.

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