Is Team Breezy Starting To Look For An Exit?

it’s bad when your own fans start to banish you.
team breezy is starting to wake up.
^so that was from a fan tumblr site of chris brown called “dickstopher”.
they updated daily with all chris brown everything.
after these recent allegations,
they are shutting it down…

this reminds when usher went hard over “the woman he had cubs with”.
his fans didn’t like her and how usher was acting.
usher ( x wrote ) this smug open letter,
sued one of his biggest supporters ( x who ran his fan site ),
fired his own mama,
and did a lot for “the woman” who ended up fuckin’ him over.
sounded like irony and karma to me.
the end result was him turning most of his fan base completely off.

besides the idiotic vixens defending chris online,
i’m starting to see most of team breezy dismantling.
they defended him through:

“the incident”
throwing the chair through the window
drake beef
frank ocean beef
soulja boy beef
karrueche on “fix my life”
knocking up that old vixen

…and more i’m sure i forgot.
this go round,
it’s different tho.
this scandal is like a 180 back to 2009.
there has been no growth on his end.
his smugness and arrogance put a dent in his career.
he walked into every trap “they” set for him.
he ain’t even fighting soulja boy anymore.

it sounds like irony and karma to me.

maybe it’s about time he saddown for a while.
he been in need of a heavy time out anyway.
from what i hear,
he allegedly owes his record company millions of dollars.
you would think he would humbled,
working hard
for the public’s support,
doing right
for his legion of stan,
and constantly reinventing himself with good music.
he’d rather be a jackal who throws up gang signs and claps on “the shade room”.

lowkey: the gays seem to be pretty over him now.
that’s how you know the end is near.

16 thoughts on “Is Team Breezy Starting To Look For An Exit?

  1. I’m surprised he still has fans tbh. And no J go on instagram, his little troll of a cult fanbase were attacking Karrueche calling her a liar, attention-seeker, whore etc.

    Chris Brown has been cancelled for so long, you will have the same tired race-baiting people using the “trying to take a black man down” BS that is regurgitated so much to justify his demise when it’s obvious that Chris Brown is the problem here. I’ll take the Usher’s, Pharrell’s. John Legends (the good example) over this foolery any day. I’m so tired of ain’t-shit men being glorified in the black community, go away from me with this! *Phaedra voice*

    1. ^i feel like every artist stan base is a reflecting of who they are.
      usually if you connect to a certain artist,
      they have traits that you see in yourself.

      1. Well said to the both of you! I believe that if you support a certain type of artist, it says something about who you are as a person and what you represent.

  2. Yeah he just needs to grow up. I pray that it’s sometime soon and doesn’t take something else drastic happening for it to come. His stans are among the worst of this new age of “the celebrity I follow can do no wrong” cult (literally) we got nowadays b/c of the fact that he is talanted they somehow try to use that for justification or like that gives him a pass. Yes, he was thrown in at an early age and it obviously affected his mentality but at a certain point it’s like dude this is just who he is. He needs to make some changes or I can see ppl about to start going after him legally for anything and winning solely based on his past antics.

    S/N: since you mentioned usher, you know after the divorce he went out and got him a good woman? They just got married last year. I like her and she seems like she’s a good fit for him. And jill scott got married too! I’m glad ppl are still finding happiness out here, I wish them the best and that it lasts!

  3. How about not putting this crap out there? She is still a fan of Chris Brown. She is deleting her tumblr because people are being cowards and bullying a young girl because she still likes him. She isn’t deleting because she isn’t a fan anymore. Come on Jamari do better.

  4. At some point the “he’s not a bad person, he just made bad choices. But he’s very talented” excuse his fans always make don’t work anymore. Chris brown is a bad guy, period.

    1. ^its so interesting to finally come to that conclusion when the signs have been there.
      it’s funny how most of us were blinded by the dancing and the charm.
      like you said,
      chris brown is a bad guy.

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