How Baller Wolves Treat Themselves: The Kellon Deryck Story

kellon deryck is living the baller wolf dream.
you know i secretly crush on him.
i know he is in a relationship.
if you watch his snaps,
or his ig live,
you will see he is living a pretty good life.
im all for highlighting a legit and honest come up.
kellon recently made a big purchase

he now drives a ’17 g wagon.
when you’re bored and go into a car dealership and say:


…with no issues.
kellon works hard tho.
not only does he run his salon,
but he works with blac chyna:

…and has time to be in a steady relationship of 8 years:

…who is also successful in his own right.
it all had me wondering…

Are you only taken seriously when you are equally as successful?

lord knows we all want baller wolves,
or just successful wolves in general,
but what do we really have to offer someone besides a blow job?
a nice bawdy and good sex can only get you but so far.
after you’re done fuckin’,
what else is left?
how can you improve the life of someone else?

kellon and khaleel the perfect power couple in this life.
anyone can go to a sex party or get fucked/fuck stupid,
but not anyone can build an empire and own your own shit.
that inspires me to do better.
it also inspires me to know you can find a perfect love in this life as well.
i’ll allow them both.

lowkey: i will say i was a little turned off when i saw milan christopher in their clique.
i would hate to think kellon and khaleel are lowkey messy like he is.
you are who your friends are.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “How Baller Wolves Treat Themselves: The Kellon Deryck Story”

  1. I think it’s important to be on the same level and have the same drive and ambition as your partner. If you don’t have the drive neccessary to do whatever it takes to be successful, then why should the other person? I also think the quality of wolves that are out there become better the more you go up the education and socioeconomic ladder. Him and his bf are a VERY good look.

  2. Maybe I’m just simple but I’ve never really cared what a wolf does for a living just love me right and we good. I’m still in the process of getting my life right so who am I to tell anyone what they should be doing lol.

    I think with Kellon him and his boo were together before he became a name and if that’s true even better. Nothing like having someone love you and see the potential.

    1. That’s true Kellon was working at Coca Cola.I believe he said he quit his good paying job at Coca Cola about 5 years ago and decided to go to cosmetology school.He did hair out of his townhouse for a few years before opening his own beauty salon.
      I saw a funny thing on his Insta a couple of weeks ago he said Khaleel was wearing his boots.They wear the same size shoe.

      One of the advantages of being in a samesex relationship,you can wear each other clothes,shoes,etc😂😂

      1. @Christian but you can DOUBLE your wardrobe if you get with a guy who wears the same sizes.Lol😂An opposite sex couple can’t do that.

    2. Same Mikey, I just like to see that you have a job and some ambition and work ethic. As long as you’re not a slob, or a bum, we good.

  3. It’s not about what he does for a living per se, but the type of person who makes it that far. Attraction to such ppl isn’t solely about what’s visible on the surface. It’s what that person’s accomplishments reveals about him/her (drive, perseverance, decision making, vision, etc…)

  4. He’s still sexy to me, this is the one of the few guys featured on this blog that I’m consistent about. He’s my #1 because he’s normal, sure he has an IG but he’s not stuntin like the rest. He has a career that he’s passionate about, and not only that, but his own BUSINESS! And lastly, because he seems like a really good guy to be around. He seems like a genuine person. You all can keep that dusty George Hill fool, while I take my Kellon. I hope his bf doesn’t mind sharing, his bf is just as nice! LOL!

    1. Yeah Kellon has always seemed genuine throughout me following him for years. He seems like a cool person, never witnessed any negativity from him.

      And Jamari, Milan seems like a leech lol. He’ll take a photo next to anyone who seems convenient to make himself look important. I used to like him when I first got introduced to him (I give everyone a chance at 1st) but overtime (after witnessing his shenanigans online & on TV) I came to notice that he’s just a narcissistic attention-whore who does anything to make himself look more important than he really is. He just doesn’t come across as a genuine person to me

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