Still Prep(are) To Be The 1 Percent That Could Catch HIV

ever since prep was introduced,
it is all i hear “us” talk about.
i was seeing posters in my barber shop and the train station.
new yawk went all out with the advertising.
instead of using condoms for maximum protection,
“we” are using prep to indulge in raw sex.
even though prep helps reducing your chances of catching hiv,
there is that still 1 percent that could slip through the cracks.
get it?
slip through?

okay fine,
serious entry.
so a third forest dweller has contracted hiv while using prep.
this is how it happened via unicorn booty

A 50-year-old Dutch man has become the third person worldwide to have contracted HIV despite taking the daily HIV-prevention regimen known as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). In the first two cases, both contracted a multi- strain of HIV that was resistant to tenofovir and emtricitabine, the two active medications used in Truvada, a common form of PrEP. But in this third case, the man had not contracted this drug-resistant strain.

Doctors have a theory about how he could have contracted HIV while on PrEP:

“[Doctors] theorized that it is possible that the man was repeatedly exposed to HIV, which, kept relatively in check by Truvada, remained in a localized infection in his rectum for a time without spreading throughout the body. Then perhaps a drop in Truvada concentration in the rectum, maybe occurring without a corresponding drop in blood levels, allowed a window for HIV to thrive and establish an infection throughout the body.”

The man also participated in chemsex, using drugs such as “crystal meth, cocaine, GHB, mephedrone and ketamine” and sometimes having five or more sex partners a day.

The man was taken off of Truvada in fear that he might develop a resistance to its tenofovir and emtricitabine ingredients. He was subsequently given combination antiretroviral therapy. As of today, is HIV-positive with an undetectable viral load.

Researchers estimate that, when taken daily, PrEP reduces the possibility of HIV-transmission by 99 percent. This man may have fallen through that one percent.

Despite this individual case, tens of thousands of people around the world currently take PrEP and continue to benefit from the drug’s high efficacy rate.

i’m still stuck on “chemsex”.
i know folks like to get drunk and high for a better sexual experience,
but that was a lot going on.
how did he even remember his name?
this explains all the “raw sexin” in all these amateur sex videos.
including the straights,
are smashin’ raw.
vixens on birth control still getting a load busted up in them.
i was confused as to the recklessness.
i thought everyone just stopped giving a fuck.

Are most of those folks taking Prep to indulge in the debauchery?

well i’m hoping so anyway.

lowkey: just because you’re on prep doesn’t mean other stds don’t exist.

article taken: unicorn booty

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Still Prep(are) To Be The 1 Percent That Could Catch HIV

  1. I really don’t trust these doctors and this PreP business. You think its a pill to prevent HIV, so you let your guard down. But what if it was a plecebo? You raw sexing everyone in your area and not really checking for HIV because you’re on PreP. So how many people can be affected by this? It’s an ingenious way to spread the disease actually.

    1. You don’t trust professionals who have spent years researching and experimenting to create a prevention drug that can make gay mens’ sex lives more enjoyable and safe?! I’m sorry but that is absurd. I work directly with people who prescribe this medicine daily and I can tell you, it’s not the doctors you can’t trust, it’s the people on PrEP. This man was doing every freaky thing under the sun and thinking that because he was on PrEP, he was in the clear. He was having sex with no safety precautions and sharing drugs with God knows who. HIV isn’t only transmitted through sex, but through needles as well. I am not surprised at all that he got it. He was thinking that little blue pill was the only protection he needed. It doesn’t protect against STDs. This entry is probably leaving that part out. He was probably out here constantly catching shit and always at the clinic. You know you can build up your body’s resistance to drugs right? The more STDs you catch, the more you have to take medicine to cure it. The more you do that, the more your body thinks this is a normal thing. So that STD turns into HIV. The doctors are not the ones to blame and would not create some fake drug. Since PrEP has come out, newly diagnosed HIV infections have been decreasing. Don’t let this one idiot ruin your trust in healthcare professionals.

      1. Um, thank you Frosty for this quick rebuttal of pure nonsense…this is the type of thinking that got this POSPOTUS up in office – fuck science, fuck facts…smdh

        I knew the moment this was released that it would be abused to the fullest and some would unfortunately slip past protection…if you’re not using protection on top of this, you’re jus’ playin’ a prolonged game of Russian roulette.

        Oh, and “chemsex”?…I…I jus can’t…

      2. The issue with my problem with PreP and HIV is how HIV came to be in the first place. Its my personal belief that HIV wasn’t found, but rather created. HIV is still a killer. If the powers that be created HIV, why create a drug for its prevention? Its a conflict of interest. Why cure a disease, such as cancer, HIV, Diabetes when you can treat it and make revenue off of it? You’re killing people as the virus is intended to do and making money off of treatments and therapies. I’m not going to profess to be a medical expert, just someone who likes to think of what’s going on behind the curtain.

      3. @JB You are sooo right about that first statement. People denying science is literally the dumbest thing ever. Science is FACT! You can’t argue with it. Science doesn’t give a damn about our human emotions, it just is. That’s why it irritates me so much when people who don’t know shit say they don’t believe in science… look around, we are surrounded by it.

  2. ^”You raw sexing everyone in your area and not really checking for HIV because you’re on PreP. So how many people can be affected by this? It’s an ingenious way to spread the disease actually.”

    deep comment.
    now you got me thinkin f&s…!

  3. When I first heard about PreP, my first thought, was “Well, that’s nice, but I’m still using condoms.” Don’t get me wrong, there are few things that feel as good as sliding raw into some hairy man buns, but my health is too valuable to risk. My current (safe) sex practice is PreP+condoms, and pull out and fap till I nut. I’ll go the PreP-only route when I’m in a monogamous relationship, and me and bae both get tested, and get confirmation that we are both HIV/STD free.

  4. “The man also participated in chemsex, using drugs such as “crystal meth, cocaine, GHB, mephedrone and ketamine” and sometimes having five or more sex partners a day.”

    that there says it all. i’m sorry but I am a child from the 80’s and a lot of my friends died from HIV so I am not into the new sexual revolution where it seems everyone was just waiting on a so called ‘cure’ or ‘retardant’ to engage in their sexual proclivities.

    Don’t know the dude but from what was said in this article he was THOTING around in the sexual boondocks , fucking every Tom, Dick and Harry. He’s lucky he found out now. He is a walking time bomb. No sympathy. As far as I am concerned these millennials now are all possible HIV agents as EVERYONE or 99% of them are now fucking ‘RAW”

    No F**king Way Jose. Give me my condoms. I really don’t fuck with Millenials anyway.

  5. IDK why people act like HIV is the only STD to be concerned about, HPV and Hep B can increase your risk of getting cancer.I say “wrap it up” to reduce your risk of contracting STDs.

  6. This is crazy man. Seriously. Dude just didn’t give a fuck. Sometimes you got to give your body a rest man. All that sex. All that drug use. What are you doing? Fun is fun but how is taking drugs everyday and having sex with multiple people everyday fun? Also if you are going to do it, be smart about it and make it work for you. Keep track of what you’re doing and who you’re doing. At least be able to know or have an idea of how you got it. Im sure within the next decade or two or three there will be a cure for HIV but you still gotta be careful with your overall health.

  7. How in the hell is Antonio Biaggi negative with all the raw sex he does?! That man has probably fucked every gay porn star out there!

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