let me show you how much money i got (feels like attentionisto time)

“Money comes easily and frequently.”

that is one of my favorite affirmations.
money is something we shouldn’t feel any lack about.
we shouldn’t feel lack about anything we desire.
feeling lack is the worst thing you can do to anything you want.
we have it in abundance already so there is no need to beg for it.
i saw a video on twitter that i wanted to share with the foxhole.
it was a stripper showing how much money she keeps in her purse

can we font about this?
she has money everywhere.
she had another purse within the purse.

Would you be scared to even let folks know that’s how much money you carry on you?

i claim to legally have this kind of money in my life.
what i don’t claim…

Going to my bank,
withdrawing all my money,
and showing the fresh bills from the ATM on Tik Tok

she was trying to humble flex,
but if someone swipes that purse,
they can pay their rent for a good 2 months.
when attentionistos/nistas do stuff like this,
even if they have the means,
it still comes off like “lack” to me.
no one needs to know how much money you carry around.
well unless you want the jackals to rob you.

lowkey: in this climate,
its so tacky to show much money you have.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “let me show you how much money i got (feels like attentionisto time)”

  1. Yeah it is not safe at all to flash money, not just because someone might rob you, but you can attract the wrong mates. Personally I think materialistic people are one of the worst kind, and I don’t expect any amount of substance from them.

  2. …Furthermore she’d be better off keeping that cash in the bank. Wealthy people know your money should make you money. It should do the work for you. Strippers always need to remember one thing…TITTIES, ASS, AND DICK ALWAYS DEPRECIATE IN VALUE, INVESTMENT ACCOUNTS DON’T.

  3. Her actions show that’s probably all she’s got. People with real money—I’m talking wealth because there is a difference—don’t walk around flaunting cash. Why? Because they want to keep it! That Karen looking at you from across the mall wearing nothing more than some capri khakis, loafers, a button up, and a scarf, is getting in her regular Mercedes and driving home to the North Shore of Long Island—where her next door neighbor is J.Lo—to her mansion that is hidden in areas you don’t even know exist. That’s real wealth. I grew up around people with real wealth. What you see in that strippers purse is her current life savings.

  4. Showing how much money you have on social media is pretty pathetic. You’re just looking for clout. I’ll be like Bill Gates and dress my outfit I bought out of Ross and let my wealth be at the bank. No one need to see how much money I have.

    1. People who do stuff like this are looking for clout AND to get their asses robbed..or worse!
      My dad used to always tell us never show others what you have. You invite jealousy and envy into the mix.

    1. ^that is a good question.

      maybe not since their money comes from under the table?
      any stripper foxholers can share light on this?

      1. Male and female strippers are considered independent contractors under the tax laws, so she should be paying Uncle Sam his fair share. Flashing money like that is never a good idea.

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