that’s the thing with the unevolved virgos

i don’t hate virgos,
but i often have to wait for the other shoe to drop with them.
after dealing with a few of them,
it’s always “something“.
there are 3 virgos that are creating waves in entertainment right now.

jada pinkett-smith ( 9/18 )
august alsina ( 9/3 )
keke palmer ( 8/26 )

for august,
i was waiting for his other shoe to land on that floor.
they tried to paint him as this innocent victim,
and i’m sure in some ways he is,
but we have seen his past antics throughout the years to know.
he came after keke palmer for no reason at all over this…

she didn’t say anything nasty.
she just said that he was never her man.
 he posts this:

well september has risen.
thanks jada.
that was so out of pocket.
it seems he is still hurt over jada’s confession and took it out on keke.
it looked like he wasn’t “wanted“,
which stems from his past issues.
you know he is a little sensitive.
keke took to her ig with this:


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I wanna be mean, but I can’t. I want to post screenshots, but I won’t. I feel attacked, but It’s not about me. It’s about so much more than that and as much as I want to defend myself against the disrespect I have received(cause I mean I’m not nice all the time 😜) this is about something so much bigger. I wouldn’t feel good kicking someone when they are down because it’s so easy to attack when you’re in a corner, I get it. People be hurting y’all and most of the time it has nothing to do with you. I can’t fuck up my karma worried about my ego, though I’m human and I have one. Just know I am that bitch despite what my humility may make one believe. I don’t have to beg or be thirsty for a damn thing because my talent speaks louder than my looks. Let the cheek be turned pooh’s, my character is too strong.

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like the tweet at the top of this entry states,
if you meet them and they’re unevolved,
you can expect them to be the worst thing since trump became president.

first crush was a virgo male.
fine af.
did everything to get my attention when i didn’t notice.
as soon as i started to pick up what he was throwing down,
it was starting to be all good and then
he ghosted me.
was gone for months.
i thought the muthafucka went to jail.

random appears back like nothing happened.
we fell off after that.

this vixen i knew.
she liked me,
but i like dudes so i wasn’t trying to lead her on.
she started ghosting me once she met this married wolf.
i loved hanging out with her and would call to see when we could link.
some days she wouldn’t answer; others i’d be set to voicemail.

before she went missing,
she introduced me to her friends and we all became cool.
they started calling me to do more shit because she would ghost them too.
one night,
she came outta ghost to randomly blast me on facebook.
talmbout how i’m fake and i stole her friends.

i never responded and she faded away to obscurity.

wolf i met.
thought he was sexy af.
i liked him on the low,
but i thought he hated me due to how he came off.
after i mentioned how he came off to me,
he started to show me differently.
did he want friendship?
did he want me?
i went with the flow and matched the energy he gave me.

he ghosted me one time and i was legit through with him.
came back and apologized.
things were cool and vibes was right.
i sent him a message to see how he doing.
read and didn’t respond.

being 100,
i had fantasies of him fuckin’ the shit outta me.
he fucked me in another way.

i’ve seen folks get treated badly by other virgos too.
its like:

What did we do to get treated like this?

jada said that august ghosted her.
that seems like their signature trait:

They have horrible communication

they will ghost you and leave you wondering wtf you did.
half the time,
you did nothing but show up and want to be a friend or lover.
the moment you gotta press or ignore them,
they want to change their toxic ways.
i’m cool with one virgo now and she is different than the rest.
should i wait for the shoe to drop?
i wrote this on my twitter the other day:

august and jada act like typical unevolved virgos.
keke seems to have evolved above the mess.
i’m not saying i would turn down a wolf who is a virgo,
but i’m always cautious with them.
it’s always good up until that other shoe lands.
deal with the unevolved virgos at your own risk.

lowkey: all signs have their issues when unevolved.
cancers have their issues,
but i have dealt with some of the worst virgos and geminis.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “that’s the thing with the unevolved virgos”

  1. This shows:
    Keke is an adult and acts like it
    August: (in my best Britney voice) is not that innocent. He is no shrinking flower, he will snap at the mere suggestion of offense.

  2. I can’t and won’t do Virgos at all! I stay clear of them as friends and they are always shady as hell!

  3. Honey, I’ve had my share of Virgo madness also. The last one almost broke my spirit. They are so intoxicating. It took me several years to get over this last Wolf. I found out that most Virgos with me are great best friends and not lovers. All the of my BFFs are Virgos. I can’t do another Virgo Wolf in this lifetime. It’s too stressful and too much work. 🤦🏾‍♀️💀✊🏾

    1. ^im a virgo moon,
      but it manifested with me being really analytical.
      my cancer sun balances out my emotions and gives me empathy.
      it seems many virgos that are unevolved lack empathy at times.

      imagine someone wanting to genuinely hang with them,
      be friends,
      get into a relationship,
      or potentially give them the best sex of their life and they treat them like garbage.
      imagine the fumbling of the bag.

      and the crazy part is all of the unevolved virgos deal with TRASH.

      1. they don’t lack empathy at times…they lack empathy period.
        you cant go around telling people as a virgo that you’re always right, everyone else is incompetent except you, and then criticize people “cuz you care” all while secretly hating yourself and hating that you feel flawed and hiding yourself with a thousand masks like narcissists tend to do.
        as for cancers, i definitely think cancers are sweet people but they maybe looking for the best in people when it’s sometimes its just not there.

        i personally dont believe in all this “unevolved virgos” stuff cuz imo, MOST people on planet earth right now are unevolved. its the current astrological age we live in, if you believe in that sort of thing. so you might as well just say virgo. because honey, venus cant stand to be in virgo. neptune cant stand to be in virgo. the moon doesnt feel right in virgo. even mars has a hard time in virgo. what does that really say?

        also imo, keke didnt really display behavior that made her look more adult than the rest. the post she wrote was long winded and very classically virgo in that she was defensive but tried to play it off like she’s not insecure. they’re all like that. they might even fill their posts with tons of emojis just to make it seem like they’re “unbothered” but the truth is…..mercury is too much of an anxious planet for their natives to ever be unbothered. what that really was was that someone dared to attack her and she was super offended but tried to play it off.
        they get so defensive and so upset over every little slight. virgos are just perpetual victims. thats not an unevolved virgo quality, thats a Mutable sign quality.
        i hate that virgo is on the earth sign side. that means water signs are supposed to be compatible with them. and the truth is they just date themselves and leave everyone else alone.

        people say they make good friends but even thats arguable. how can they possibly make good friends when they cant accept you for who you are cuz they cant accept themselves? they blame everyone else for their mistakes. they have extremely poor communication skills (for a planet thats BUILT around communication thats strange), they dont relate to people very well, they have massive trust issues, and they dont have very good conflict resolution skills. and the worse part about it is, they feel so inclined to want to fix everything else but they wont fix any of this stuff.

  4. I cant comment on any Zodiac perspective cause Im not that deep into it but it seems people didn’t actually read August’s response to Keke. He snapped because this man cooked her chicken and a whole meal in his home (which Keke has said in past interviews 4-5 years ago) and he’s saying how foul she was for kiking behind his back about him “not furthering her mental instability”? That’s foul. August being a man doesnt negate his right to air out anyone who’s wronged him

  5. All this virgo nonsense. A zodiac sign doesn’t define who you are.
    If you have issues. Damn you have issues…Period!
    Who be writing this shit?

    1. I don’t believe in astrology. But I do believe people who read them religiously start to subconsciously take on the traits they read about in their horoscope. Think of hypochondriacs who read WebMD and suddenly have the symptoms of every disease. So I believe who people are when they show me.

  6. There is no sign more dominant than a Virgo. They need to control everything and if not, will f ish up. I thought Scorpios were dominant. At least that’s what I heard. I don’t like dealing with Virgos, because they will move the sun to get your attention, but once they have it..disrespect you. And THEN if you start talking to someone else they will go out of their way to sabotage it, maybe even sleep with them, all to get your attention, then disrespect you again. Virgos feed off of attention. Not Leos. VIRGOS. Every single one I’ve dealt with has this issue. And will criticize you, but the second you point out their hypocrisy gets offended. Nope.

    1. Virgo is NOT the most dominant sign . Its not a dominant sign at all.Its symbolized by the Virgin and is a sign of servitude and work. The unvevolved ones are ass holes because they are miserable and are utterly insecure. They are detail oriented and critical, often painfully aware of their flaws.

    2. But that’s not true at all. Virgos ARE NOT a dominant sign. Their whole thing is that they’re based off the trickster God MERCURY so that means they show you what they want you to see. It’s no surprise that most people don’t pick up on it.
      They come off to the world as they’re bossy and dominant but their sign is literally built to serve. The reason they have a need to control everything is because they’re an Earth sign, and all Earth signs are like that to a degree. In Virgos case they are frantic on the inside, insecure, and very nervous as true to their Planetary ruler. So because they’re inner world is so chaotic, and they also focus on the tiniest details that others miss, they have a need to “perfect” everything. That means that the image that they give off is almost always a false one…..even to close friends and family.
      When they move the sun to get your atttention, it’s because they’re insecure. They have this innate need to feel included in everything yet are naturally hermits (even if they do socialize some more than others).They need you to validate what they think they know and include them in everything. So if they’re insecure like that and don’t like to feel left out of everything, how can they possibly be a dominant sign? They’re not, but they like to have people think they are the brightest, the trend setters of the zodiac. Stuff like that. When the truth is they just copy everybody else.
      And yeah girl idk about that one — that part where you said leos dont feed off of attention because they DEFINITELY do. but you gotta understand that Virgos inherently want what the archetypal Leo represents. they basically wish they had the power Leo has to command crowds (bossy). They often times have delusions of grandeur so they might wish they were famous. Or they wish they were trendsetters like Leo or had the social skills like Leo or relationship skills that Libra does.
      You got that right on the last part. They will criticize you all the way to the next realm but they can’t stand it when someone sees through their masks or criticizes them back. I stay away from them. It;s just a weird psychopathic energy that I don’t want around. They all come off awkward, like they try so hard to be authentic, and they have this weird undertone to them like a blank slate that a lot of people seem to not be able to pick up on.

  7. Damn all this Virgo slander LoL. Yes at times we will always choose a toxic person to be in a relationship with instead of someone who is good to us, and run after the toxic person and we will ghost you for no reason, I have been guilty, but I am loyal and good to all my true friends. This whole mess with August and Jada is just a whole publicity stunt, it is truly of case of when Virgo’s need attention. Well Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury Lol

    1. I known right! Dang, we are not that bad… maybe a little bit bad, if you cross us the wrong way..other than that, we are good people 😉

  8. Ummm…all this Virgo Any sign can be toxic. I’m a Virgo and dealing with a cancer was hell!!!

  9. This has nothing to do with astrology. This is about the character of people. There are selfish, emotional, unevolved people in this world and then there are those who are opposite. The values you grow up with or are exposed to are the things that will comprise your outlook on life. Again, we have to stop using the celebrity issues as the standards on life. Keke, August, Jada, Will, and even Elmo could care less about your drama or astrology so why waste time on them. None of these individuals are without an ego (Keke included). There’s a bit of narcissism in all of them or else they would know better to keep their business private. But here they arguing on social media. Here we are as voyeurs judging them when we have shit in our own closets. Then it leads to posts like this where unrelated strangers debate to outwit one another.

    Can we please stop for a second, re-prioritize what’s important and live our lives to the fullest? We’re in a racial pandemic right now. Virgos, August/Keke/Jada, and Uncle Ben’s rice is that last thing we should be focusing in.

    1. ^kevin,

      i see where you are coming from,
      but this is a place where i get to express myself.
      this is my place in the world where i can vent my frustrations about any to everything.
      it doesn’t mean that it’s silly or we aren’t focused on what’s going on in the world.
      i’m sorry this entry didn’t touch you,
      but it helped me to release things that were bothering me or i never got a chance to say out loud to anyone.
      in grateful when people can read and share their experiences or just be there.
      and their virgo connection is something i could relate to and felt the need to express those thoughts in words.
      thank you for leaving your comment but i won’t stop prioritizing my own personal thoughts and feelings just because we are in a racial pandemic,
      as i have written about what’s happening around us many times.

      1. I agree with Kevin. This blog used to be so good, now it’s trash!
        Always the same topics.
        Me and my therapist or straight boy goes gay!

    2. Black People are allowed to talk about more than one thing at a time. As a consumer you have the right to simply NOT engage with the content anymore. Jamari has the right as a producer to continue expressing himself however he wants cause this is HIS individual blog. Would you rather him only post political content in an effort to ride the trending wave just to seem envogue like your favorite Fortune 500 companies using Black pain and struggle as a marketing ploy? Or would you rather him stay true to his journalistic voice and remain authentic in his content?

      1. I’d rather the conversation go exactly the way it did. Fueled by my conviction, my OPINION was rooted in thought end respect. I expressed a view that was unbias and i challenged the status quo. In response, I got a personal expression that, too, was respectful and honest. We can agree to disagree. In the end, a discourse is going to be complex and not always one-sided. Some will take to a person’;s view and others won’t. We can dissect the public view of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith’s marital woes and at the same time make a call for more consciousness on black issues of higher priority without negating the importance of both. That was my intent.

  10. I’m not a firm believer in zodiac signs, but it is fun in a way. August has lost his marbles and he needs to schedule an appointment with a therapist. There was no need for him to attack Keke. Now Keke took the high road, but from the looks of it, she struggled with it.

  11. Am I the only one who thinks August was in a throuple? In the interview, he kept saying “they” and “they this” and I’m like, why is he not saying “she” … hmmm. Personally, I think B O T H of them got August open of that good good. hmph. Just some food for thought.

  12. I have experienced this toxic trait from Virgos throughout my life. They say Virgos and Capricorn’s are a good match however, in my experience both with friends, family and romance; if someone is damaged, lacks self awareness or is masking they are toxic period. I don’t hate Virgos but I am officially leary AF on them. My dad, my ex of 2 years and a former work associate DEFINITELY have guaranteed that lmao.

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