game of beverages

^this is how i knew it was gonna be a shit show on “game of thrones“.
the moment a damn starbucks cup wasn’t cleared out of editing,
that is the moment i knew it wasn’t gonna end well.
everyone was talking about this show today.
on the final episode,
another recyclable made its way into a scene…

that is a water bottle by sam tarly’s boot.

there was another by sir davos as well:

i don’t know if folks just gave up on this show for this last season,
but it suddenly became “where’s waldo?” of fuck ups.
i felt the actors didn’t really speak too highly of this season either.
they all seemed rather disappointed.

that shoulda been our first clue.
as i read,
the writers alleged fucked up this season for “star wars“.
they claimed hbo didn’t give them the proper budget,
but allegedly,
hbo was gonna pay them whatever to complete 10 episodes.
it’s a shame they ruined such an iconic show over greed.
was it laziness?

all i know is they should have had a complete season.
this season should’ve killed off many beloved characters as they could.
i would have liked to see cersei throw down with the stark girls.
dany could have gotten the final blow,
and since sansa was her biggest threat,
that’s when she could have went “mad queen” and arrested her on treason.
in attempting to save her,
we would have learned jon is immune to fire since he’s a targaryen.
that would have been the big reveal.
the finale would have consisted of jon and dany going at it,
her dying in a more dramatic fashion,
and him giving the throne to sansa or tyrion.
i could have dealt with tyrion dying at some point.
it could have ended with jon leaving and going off to enjoy that wilding vagina.

they could have fleshed out good drama for the last few episodes.
they’d rather ruin such a brilliant show and have the fan boys plot their demise.
i don’t know how they’re gonna recover from this.

Will they ever?

low-key: this is my only favorite thing about that finale…

that was a creative nerd’s orgasm.

2 thoughts on “game of beverages

  1. Personally I think George R. R. Martin who created the books gave them a direction he wanted to go just so he could see the publics reaction to a particular ending before finalizing his book. Because this perfectly gauges how people would have reacted. People really aren’t feeling how this has ended and it could have be because it was rushed and only 6 episodes but WOMP WOMP.

    On to Succession and Insecure

  2. I just watched a review on YT and it seems to ring true… I found the final episode to be sub-par as well.

    Like the reviewer… I didn’t watch the show faithfully for the past 10 years. I watch up until beginning of Season 3 and I kinda fell off… not because I lost interest, but because I have grown accustomed to watching full seasons at one time… and when I was ready… no appointment TV. I rewatched from the very beginning in March.

    Now… for those fans that dedicated themselves to watching in religiously every single Sunday… you would have thought the last 3 episodes was the most blasphemous piece of television put on air. THE GIRLS WERE NOT HAVING IT!

    I was like well OK… that is just how it ends. It made me think that if I was invested in this show like some I would be more outraged.

    BTW and Off Topic… does anyone else not receive the fox hole notifications?

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